Vitamins are bad???

I think we all know people who seem to know a lot about a lot of different things. I’m not one of those people. There were a number of years I was really into working out, and if you’re going to be even remotely successful when it comes to fitness you have to know as much about nutrition as you know about working out; you could say you have to know as much about what you do in the kitchen as what you do in the gym. As a result, nutrition became one of those areas of my life where I invested a lot of time learning. If you walk through the supplement section in stores, you can see the huge number of products. While there’s some disagreement about which supplements are best, there’s virtually no disagreement about one supplement that everyone should take and that’s a multivitamin. If you talk to the most hardcore bodybuilder or the most committed health enthusiast you’ll be told, “Make sure you take a multivitamin!”

That’s why a recent editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine made a splash in the fitness and even non-fitness community: “Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements.” I saw that and thought, “Are you kidding me? Now we’re being told not to take multivitamins?” It was sort of like: “Is there ANYTHING that doesn’t change? Is there anything we can believe today that will still be true later? Is there anything we can invest time and energy into doing that we won’t find out later was a waste…or even worse was detrimental to us?” Believe it or not there are actually some people saying not only are multivitamins unnecessary, they’re unhealthy!

Now you probably see where I’m going. No, I wasn’t primarily wanting to talk about health; I wanted to discuss one of the many reasons I’m so thankful for God’s Word: it doesn’t change. I know I’ll never find out I believed something wrong. I know I’ll never build my marriage, family, life, etc. on something and have regrets later. There’s a tremendous safety for pastors in God’s Word: I’ll never look back with frustration about what I taught…as long as I’m teaching God’s Word. One of the most sobering aspects of being a pastor is giving people counsel…because people might actually do what you say, but if the counsel you’re giving people is from God’s Word (whether you’re a pastor or anyone else for that matter), you can always have peace that it’s true, correct and unchangeable.


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  1. At first, sorry if my English is not correct, that’s because English is not my native language. I do not know what you exactly mean with Gods Word, but if you mean the Bible: of course what is written in the Bible does not change, but our perspective on what is written does also change sometimes, II think. Otherwise “we”‘ would still believe in the same way people believed in the Middle ages and ( for example) Bible study would be of no use. Therefore I think we also can make decisions on what we call Gods Word and later regret them. I think we should be careful by firmly stating something is Gods Word.

    1. Hello Walter. I’m sorry but I’m not exactly sure I understand what you’re saying. Yes, the Bible is God’s Word, and it doesn’t change. It says/means the same today as it did in the Middle Ages.

      1. I mean our (human beings) interpretation of the Bible does change over time. We read the Bible in an other perspective than we did in (for example) the Middle Ages. Otherwise the theology of Thomas from Aquino would still be “leading”

        1. Hi again Walter,
          I think I understand what you’re saying. Let me ask you this: where do you think our understanding of Scripture comes from? I would say the Holy Spirit…and He hasn’t changed.

  2. I wish all topics were as easy as vitamins/no vitamins. I anticipate as christians we
    are really going to suffer the wrath of world as we continue to stand firm on no abortion, no same sex marriage and only One Way to heaven 😉

  3. A good multi vitamin is cheap insurance to combat vitamin deficiency problems which are many (B complex in particular)! A blanket statement that vitamins are bad is irresponsible, not progressive 😉 Too much of some individual vitamins/minerals can be harmful, but not a multi and that’s not the message we all heard. Linus Pauling received the Nobel prize for his work re vitamin C and the common cold and is considered one of the most important scientist of the 20th century.

  4. So true! I remember getting a hard time over our exclusive use of butter. (NO MARGARINE IN THIS HOUSEHOLD!) Now the ones that did that are touting butter as a good thing. Then there was our use of canola and olive oil. Come to find out canola oil is no good, olive oil is still good! Then there is the ever changing world of psychology and sociology and, and, and… well, I’m right there with you! The ONLY thing we can count on is the WORD OF GOD!

    1. Lori, funny you mentioned psychology, sociology, etc because I felt like I could’ve really lengthened this post by going on to the myriad of other things that change too. I used vitamins as an example, but I can’t tell you how many other times the same thing has happened in other areas of my life.

      1. I know it is neither here nor there to your topic of ever changing world stuff vs. never changing Word stuff… but my nurse friend says the nursing industry calls vitamins “bed-pan bullets”. Not much good comes from most vitamins on their way out LOL!!! (Yes, I still take my supplements everyone, so don’t hate on me!)

        1. Lori, you definitely got the gist of my post that it was about the unchanging truth of God’s Word…but the funny thing is the majority of the comments have been about vitamins :).

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