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Pastor, Author, and Speaker

Scott LaPierre – Christian speaker on marriage, pastor, and author

“What every marriage needs!”

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Your Finances God’s Way: A Biblical Guide to Making the Best Use of Your Money

Experience the Peace that Comes with Wise Stewardship

Financial insecurity can be one of the greatest threats to your well-being—but the good news is that even if you’re on a tight income, you can eliminate many of your monetary worries when you create and abide by a biblical plan for your spending.

In Your Finance’s God’s Way, you’ll identify the negative money management habits you need to break and the positive habits that should take their place. Implementing the teaching laid out in the Bible, this book gives you advice and practical steps backed by proven principles, helping you

  • get the most out of your money by paying off debt and building up savings
  • make wise spending decisions that enable you to avoid anxiety, regret, and conflict
  • find a healthy balance between being financially frivolous and frugal to a fault

Even when you have less to spend, you can use what God has provided to thrive. Whether you’re young or old, married or single, working or staying at home Your Finances God’s Way will give you everything you need to be a careful steward of the resources you’ve been given.

Be sure to check out the accompanying, Your Finances God’s Way Workbook, and your free downloadable budgets.

male Christian speaker on marriage Scott LaPierre
male Christian speaker on marriage Scott LaPierre

Speaking and Conferences

Pastor Scott is a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, and retreat centers. He speaks on a variety of topics that build up believers and serve as outreaches to share Christ with the community.

If invited for a conference or speaking engagement you can expect professionally prepared and delivered messages, and prompt responses to any communication, before and after the event.

Scott LaPierre's Books

The Blythe Daniel Agency represents Scott LaPierre and he signed a multi-book deal with Harvest House Publishers. Pastor Scott’s books are Christian nonfiction that help you live God’s way. The material is taken from his sermons and based on the Bible.

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Living God’s Way Podcast & Blog

Scott LaPierre’s podcast is a collection of his teaching ministry (conference messages, guest preaching, and sermons at Woodland Christian Church), and online summits he’s been invited to participate in.

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What people say about Scott's books & speaking...

Your Marriage God’s Way is a thorough and comprehensive treatment of marriage. The reader who works his way through this volume will be richly rewarded.

Tedd Tripp

Pastor, Speaker, and author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart

If you want a book that is built on the foundation of exposition of scripture, Marriage God’s Way is for you. This book will fill your mind with the pure and perfect word of God. This is what every marriage needs.

Scott T. Brown

Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches

Husband, Father, Pastor, and Author

Scott LaPierre is a senior pastor, author, and conference speaker. Scott and his wife, Katie, have nine children (newest is missing from photo) that they homeschool. Pastor Scott holds an MA in Biblical Studies from Liberty University, and he loves spending time with his family and studying and teaching God’s Word.