Learn to Trust God and Walk by Faith - Legacy by Design Interview with Scott LaPierre

Learn to Trust God and Walk by Faith – Legacy by Design Interview

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Christina Mangino interviews Pastor Scott LaPierre for the Legacy by Design show to help listeners learn to trust God and walk by faith.

Pastor Scott is available for interviews as long as he can share openly about his faith.

Enjoy work, rest, and family as God intended. As a pastor, husband, and blessed father of eight, Scott LaPierre shares his wisdom of what successful marriages and families do differently: they walk by faith, trust God and do what He says.

When we think of walking by faith, our minds probably go to missionaries going overseas to serve in Third World countries or taking on some ministry that terrifies us. But in our day-to-day lives trusting God simply means putting our lives in his hands, letting him lead the way, and trusting that he is bringing about best end as we strive to be faithful. A good approach to the Christian life on this side of heaven is going through each day doing the things God wants us to do while trusting him to pick up the tab.

Pastor Scott shares some examples from his life about when God opened and closed doors for him to direct his steps. But he still had to go through those doors, which means he had to trust God and walk by faith. He didn’t know what was on the other side or how things would go for him in the future.

Pastor Scott explains that part of leading your family is leading them to do things they don’t want to do. Legacy by Design Do you desire a deeper relationship with your family? Make an intention to connect and just be together. You can only leave a legacy you’re LIVING.

Connecting families,
Christina Mangino

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