8 Steps to Introduce Your Child to Jesus Christ

Eight Steps to Introduce Your Child to Jesus Christ

Introducing your Child to Jesus Christ can be a seamless and enriching experience. If you’re pondering how to explain Jesus to a child or the right time to teach your child about Bible verses, you’re in the right place. Even if your child is enrolled in a Christian school or regularly attends church, as a parent, you play a crucial role in laying a solid foundation for a life full of faith and devotion.

Here are ten simple, everyday ways to incorporate Bible teachings into your child’s life from a young age and introduce your child to Jesus Christ.

1. Introduce Your Child to Jesus with the Gospel

Preach the Gospel to your child at the earliest time. Incorporate the Gospel into family Bible studies and everyday discussions. Help your child understand their sinfulness and need for the Savior.

2. Love Your Child

To teach your child about God’s love, they first need to feel valued by you. Build a strong relationship with your child by:

  • Spending quality time together daily
  • Showing interest in their activities
  • Encouraging healthy emotional expression
  • Respecting their emotions
  • Being their playmate
  • Allowing friendships with peers

Invest in these areas to create a foundation of trust and love.

3. Introduce Your Child to Jesus with Bible Apps

Children love to play and spend a lot of time on smartphones. Many parents struggle with their children’s screen time and it is indeed reasonable to limit it, but it can also be turned to good use. Bible apps teach valuable life lessons, help to study the nature of God, His Love and desires. Often in a playful way, children get to know Christ or at least prepare their souls for the imminent meeting.

The Bible App for Kids by Life.Church

Educational 10/10 | Fun Factor 7/10 | Ages 3-10 

Download the best Bible app for kids! With 41 interactive stories in multiple languages and fun activities, this app is perfect for ages 3-8. Designed by YouVersion and OneHope, it offers awards, stars, and diamonds to keep children engaged. 

God for Kids Bible Devotional by Ruach Resources

Educational 10/10 | Fun Factor 8/10 | Ages 4-8 

Complement your Bible reading with this devotional app focused on the character of God and the Trinity. Enjoy matching games, dot-to-dot activities, and bedtime stories, all while collecting diamonds. Compatible with ‘Animals of Eden Valley’ books.

SunScool by Nikolay Abkairov

Educational 10/10 | Fun Factor 8/10 | Ages 2-100 

Known as the Sunday school app, SunScool offers over 600 Bible lessons and unique animated stories. Activities are tailored by age and available in 16 languages, making it ideal for home learning.

Please note that some apps are not available in your country. If you want to install it despite regional restrictions, you must change Google Play country to another. Detailed instructions are available at the link.

Evergrace Kids Bible Stories by Evergrace & Co.

Educational 5/10 | Fun Factor 8/10 | Ages 4-10 

This beautifully made app features high-quality content with Australian voice-overs. Its range of charming Bible stories makes it perfect for bedtime listening.

Bible ABCs by Joel Carlson

Educational 9/10 | Fun Factor 4/10 | Ages 3-6 

Teach your kids the alphabet with associated Bible characters. Includes letter tracing and spelling activities, making it an excellent educational tool for preschoolers and young children.

8 Steps to Introduce Your Child to Jesus Christ

4. Introduce Your Child to Jesus with Bible Animation Films

When children reach school age, their attention span and understanding improve significantly. This is an ideal time to introduce them to Bible animation films. However, parents should carefully monitor the content, especially on platforms like YouTube. Popular films such as “Joseph: King of Dreams” and “The Star” are excellent choices for explaining the gospel to five-year-olds. Creating a safe and engaging viewing experience ensures children receive positive and educational messages.

5. Apologize Often

How easily we forget the power of humility! I can still hear my mother’s voice saying, “Mommies make mistakes, too. Do you forgive me?” This may seem counter-intuitive, but their humble requests for forgiveness profoundly demonstrated their character and love for me. Those moments taught me that even parents can err and seek forgiveness.

6. Introduce Your Child to Jesus with Engaging Bible Stories

Introducing kids to the Bible can be easier with child-friendly books. Opt for Bible storybooks that feature captivating illustrations and simple narratives. Start with familiar stories like Baby Jesus’ birth, Noah’s Ark, and Creation to make learning about Christianity and Jesus both fun and engaging.

7. Pray with Them

Show your children the power of a personal relationship with Jesus by talking to him regularly. Demonstrate how he can be their best friend by making him your best friend.

Lost your keys? Pause and pray together, asking the Lord for help. If your child has a tummy ache, pray together for comfort and healing.

When you find the keys or your child feels better, take a moment to thank God together for his help.

8. Introduce Your Child to Jesus By Prioritizing Church Attendance

One of the best ways to introduce your child to Jesus is by modeling your faith. Consistently going to church shows your commitment to Jesus. Children should be in worship on the Lord’s Day.

Skipping church for activities like spending Sunday on the lake or partying on Saturday nights sends the message that Jesus is not a priority. Whenever possible, take your child to church, especially to the adult service. This allows them to observe Christians worshiping together and reinforces the importance of faith in their lives.


Although Jesus Christ has an infinite number of ways to reach our children’s hearts, there are some helpful steps that can help prepare them for that encounter. At first, many parents will find it wise to model acts of faith and communicate God’s love in a fun way. As a child grows a little in Christ and puts down roots, relationships with parents, common prayers, and church attendance will be what will help them grow stronger in their faith.

Do you have a question or thought? If so, please let me know. I do my best to respond to each comment.

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