Walking By Faith in Business as an Entrepreneur

Walking By Faith in Business as an Entrepreneur

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D’shaunte interviewed me about walking by faith in business. This was for her online conference about taking your business to the next level. She understood that as an entrepreneur you have to trust God and step out in faith.

If you’d like to interview me for an online event, or have me as a guest on your podcast, please let me know.

Interview Topics About Walking By Faith in Business

The Interview covered many topics including:

  • What is faith, what it looks like, and how to walk by faith in business
  • The need to trust God when we begin an entrepreneurial endeavor
  • My testimony and the faith involved in having our kids, and in particular trusting God with our family. We wanted to trust God and let Him give us the number of kids He knew is best
  • Our journey going into ministry; it took faith, because Woodland Christian Church was small and only had the money to pay me for eight months
  • The balance between work and laziness; sometimes finding the balance is difficult. It is easy to veer into workaholism or laziness.
  • Opportunity cost and knowing when to say yes to something and no to something else; being able to Prioritize.
  • The enemy of best is good; discerning what’s good that needs to be declined to embrace God’s best.
  • Applying Matthew 6:33 that if we seek first the kingdom of God all these other things will be added to us. This verse communicates the biblical theme that we should go through life doing what God wants us to do and trust him to provide for us.
  • My sermon Preparation and polishing my notes. This was the beginning of me writing books, because my sermon manuscripts were so refined.
  • How I got into writing and some of the publishing process (traditional versus self-publishing). If you have wondered about publishing this would be good for you to hear.

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