Unbreakable Marriage Transforming Setbacks into Victories

Unbreakable Marriage: Transforming Setbacks into Victories

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My interview for Unbreakable Marriage: Transforming Setbacks into Victories, and Emotional Distance into True Intimacy. Unbreakable Marriage was an online event with Anne Nelson, the founder of Fully Thriving.

If you’d like to interview me for an online event, or have me as a guest on your podcast, please let me know.

Video of Unbreakable Marriage Interview

Your Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Guide to a Christ-Centered Relationship
Your Marriage God's Way Workbook author Scott LaPierre

The content in this post is found in Your Marriage God’s Way and the accompanying workbook.

Unbreakable Marriage Interview Topics

The Interview covered many topics including:

  • The most common problems I see in marriage counseling, which happen to be related to parenting, finances, and in-laws
  • How our marriages are reflections of our relationships with Christ; we treat our spouses the way we do because of our relationships with the Lord. Our marriages are outpourings of that relationship
  • How we can strengthen our relationships with Christ, so we have stronger relationships with our spouse
  • How I keep things in balance; as a pastor, author, speaker, husband, and father of eight with a ninth on the way I must prioritize. I must discern between good and best
  • How I handled a crisis in my life when I was overwhelmed and stressed out
  • The importance of investing in my marriage and spending quality time with my wife, Katie
  • The biblical basis for a husband making his wife the supreme relationship in this life second only to Christ
  • What I do as a father to ensure my children don’t become bitter toward the ministry; checking in with them to see how they feel about traveling with me for speaking engagements

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