Submission, Love, and Respect for the Modern Christian Bachelorette

Submission, Love, and Respect for the Modern Christian Bachelorette

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I was interviewed about these important topics – submission, love, and respect – for the Modern Christian Bachelorette. Here’s the description…

“Is submission equal to being a ‘doormat’? Is submission for wives relevant in today’s society? What should submission look like in marriage? Pastor Scott LaPierre shares deep insights on submission versus respect versus love between a husband and a wife. He breaks down the difference between the need for women to submit to their husbands versus the need for husbands to love their wives according to God’s prescripts and design for marriage.”

Thobile Mogorosi
Your Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Guide to a Christ-Centered Relationship
Your Marriage God's Way Workbook author Scott LaPierre

The content in this post is found in Your Marriage God’s Way and the accompanying workbook.

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Interview Topics About Submission, Love, and Respect

Submission is difficult to address. Some people cringe at the word. I will be the first to say submission has been misused and abused in relationships, sermons, and counseling sessions. In this interview I tried to approach this sensitive command in both a biblical and delicate manner. While you listen I would like to encourage you to do the following two things:

  1. First, please commit to taking the time to consider what Scripture itself says about submission and how it applies to everyday life. Clearly, the fact God made this such a key part of His marriage instructions means it is important.
  2. Second, please keep in mind that as our Creator and Designer, God knows the ideal for our relationships. Not only does He know what is best for us, He wants what is best for us. For us to reject His design is to settle for less than God’s best, and say we know better than Him. Let your confidence be in His wisdom.

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