Sizzling Hot Christian Marriage Show Interview

Sizzling Hot Christian Marriage Show Interview

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Joseph Follette interviewed me for the Sizzling Hot Christian Marriage Show. Watch the video of the interview or listen to the audio, which is also on my podcast.

Video of the Sizzling Hot Christian Marriage Show

Description of the Sizzling Hot Christian Marriage Show

Do you want your love to last?

We know how difficult marriage can be. I want you to meet a friend of mine who is laboring every day like me to keep marriages together. He is licensed marriage and family therapist Joe Follette, Jr. Joe has been working with couples for over 30 years. First as a church pastor but for the last 22 years as a marriage therapist. He has helped thousands of couples work through the issues they were facing and get back into each other’s arms again. While Joe’s training has prepared him to deal with even the most broken marriages, his personal life experiences have probably prepared him the most. He shared that he wouldn’t be the therapist he is if he hadn’t experienced the pain and heartache in his own relationships.

Ten years into his second marriage he found himself considering divorce again. It just seemed at the time that was the only way to find peace. Joe screamed out to the Lord for help. He got an answer he was not expecting. God told him he didn’t love his wife. This was a difficult message for Joe to receive. Why of course he loved his wife. God told Joe that as long as he was arguing with his wife he was not loving her. He wasn’t loving her because he didn’t like who she was. He had been on a campaign to change her into who he wanted her to be. God helped him to realize trying to change his wife was not loving her.

It took several months for Joe to experience a complete transformation. But the process produced a changed man who truly loved and accepted his wife for who she is. This of course transformed their marriage. No longer bickering about any and everything, they have worked harmoniously over the second half of their marriage to raise their blended family together.

Joe’s quest has been to teach couples how to truly love each other. He challenges couples to look into the mirror to do what they can to make their marriage better.

In his quest to teach more couples how to truly love each other, Joe has lined up 21 marriage experts and gurus to share their secrets to lasting love. I am excited to be one of those who will be interviewed during his upcoming Sizzling Hot Christian Marriage Show. As you know I have been in the trenches teaching couples how to love each other as well. I can’t wait to share with you and all those in attendance what I have gleaned from all of my work over the years.

If you are experiencing any of the following you will gain some positive solutions from this summit:

  • Going through repetitive cycles of arguing or silent treatment not able to get on the same page about things
  • Not enjoying a mutually satisfying sex life
  • Disagreements on how to raise the kids or deal with in laws
  • Struggling to recover from a trust breaking event
  • Tired of dealing with the same issues over and over again
  • Disagreements about how finances are handled
  • Threats of divorce or separation
  • Don’t want your love to go away – so you want to head off problems before they form

Whatever the condition of your marriage I know that you will benefit from this summit Joe is putting together. It’s free! Don’t hesitate to register. This is for couples who want their marriages to be Sizzling Hot. Is that you? Then sign up now.

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