Should Christ or Your Spouse Meet Your Needs

Should Christ or Your Spouse Meet Your Needs? – The Secret to Creating Remarkable Relationships

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“Should Christ or your spouse meet your needs?” This is a question every married person must answer. Fortunately, the answer is an easy one: Jesus Christ. Most people don’t have to be married very long to recognize that their husband or wife will disappoint them at times.

Marriage is a gift. God wants our relationship with our spouse to provide us with joy and blessing. But regardless of how committed our spouse is to Christ, he or she is still a sinner. Every husband or wife will fail to meet our needs at various times. God wants us to enjoy our marriages, but looking to our spouse the joy, contentment, and peace that only Christ can provide will inevitably lead to discouragement at times.

Interview Description for “Should Christ or Your Spouse Meet Your Needs?”

I was interviewed for the online series, “Walk in Your Worth: The Secret to Creating Remarkable Relationships Filled with Intimacy, Joy, and Love.” You can watch the interview above or simply listen to the audio on my podcast. Here’s Daniel’s description…

I absolutely LOVED my interview with pastor and author, Scott LaPierre. I get all excited in this interview about how to date and what a beautiful future marriage can look like =). I recommend this interview no matter what relationship status you have! You will learn:

Where is the line of asking one another in a marriage to meet your needs vs having Christ meet your needs? 
What are some keys to recognizing and resolving conflict in your marriage
How important is it to understand the roles and responsibility of husband and wife in a marriage? 

If any of these questions resonate with you, you’ll really enjoy today’s interview.

Danielle Schaaf

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Your Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Guide to a Christ-Centered Relationship
Your Marriage God's Way Workbook author Scott LaPierre

The content in this post is found in Your Marriage God’s Way and the accompanying workbook.

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  1. I enjoyed hearing this much needed interview. Both your honesty Danielle and Scott’s gives us fellow believers Christ’s way of living well! Thank you!

    1. Tammi,
      Thanks for listening and commenting. I’m blessed that the interview ministered to you. I appreciate Danielle, and her transparency, as well. God bless!

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