How to Conquer Your Demons - Breakthrough to Be Set Free

How to Conquer Your Demons – Breakthrough to Be Set Free

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Tanja Anderson interviewed me for her online summit: “How to Conquer Your Demons – Breakthrough to Be Set Free.”

“How to Conquer Your Demons” was an interesting, and wonderful, interview. Whenever I’m asked to participate in an online summit, I have the same request: I can be bold and share whatever I want from God’s Word. This is why I have almost always accepted any invitation to be interviewed if people have agreed with this request. While it might seem odd to accept an invitation from someone who might be theologically different than me, I enjoy these opportunities because they allow me to reach an audience I wouldn’t otherwise address.

As a pastor, I spend most of my time with Christians. My life is committed to “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). While I’m thankful to serve God in this way if an atheist or agnostic invited me on their show it would allow me to reach an audience that is largely the opposite of those I typically address. Instead of believers, it would be unbelievers. I can’t imagine much being more evangelistic than being on a podcast speaking to countless non-Christians.

With that said, Tanja was far from an atheist or agnostic. In the interview she frequently talked about recently “opening her heart to God and inviting Him into her life.” I appreciated her passion and desire to help others. While I expect her to grow over time in her knowledge and understanding of God and His Word, when she first reached out to me the Bible was completely new to her. As a result, if you listen to the interview, you’ll notice that I tried to bring the discussion back to the gospel. I wanted to repeatedly share it, not just with her, but with her audience who I suspect might not be Christians. I was thankful for this opportunity, and I hope it encourages you as much than encouraged me.

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