Why we should follow the script (or Scripture)

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Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

We homeschool our children, taking them through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons when they’re around four. We’ve been pleased with the book, including the way the instruction is presented like a script. The words Katie is supposed to say are in red, and our child’s responses are in black. There’s a response provided if a child answers correctly, and a different response if a child answers incorrectly.

“Don’t deviate from the script!”

Corrective Reading
Corrective Reading

When I taught elementary school, I was taught a very similar program, called Corrective Reading. I remember thinking at the training, “Anyone could do this!” One of the most common instructions they told us was, “Don’t deviate from the script.”

Unfortunately, when I went back to the classroom to teach my own students there were times I completely disregarded the instruction I was given:

  • Sometimes I thought something was unnecessary.
  • Sometimes I thought I could say it better myself.
  • Sometimes I thought it would be better if I added something.

Here’s what I noticed very quickly:

  • When I followed the script, things went well.
  • When I deviated from the script, there were problems.

If I had to say why I deviated from the script, I believe the answer is obvious. I thought I knew better than the author.

I can’t help seeing the similarities with Scripture. God’s Word is a perfect script for us to follow in our lives, families, marriages, churches, etc. When we deviate from the script – or Scripture – we end up having problems.

We don’t know better than the Author

Marriage God's Way by Scott LaPierre - Follow the scriptThe Bible has to be approached with an amount of faith. I don’t mean the kind of faith that says the Bible is the Word of God. Most Christians acknowledge this without hesitation. I mean the kind of faith that says, “God knows best. Even if I don’t understand, I’m still going to obey.” We talk about “walking by faith” and heading to a foreign country as a missionary comes to mind, but few find ourselves in that situation. The daily way we walk by faith is by submitting to Scripture when it doesn’t make sense, or more strongly, we disagree.

There are areas of Scripture that I find hard to accept. One example is the doctrine of eternal punishment. Hell is not what I would imagine as a fair or just punishment even for a lifetime of wickedness. But I absolutely believe in hell, defend it, and teach about it from behind the pulpit. Revelation 19:2 says, “True and righteous are God’s judgments.” Just because something doesn’t make sense to me, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It simply means in my finite mind I can’t fathom the wisdom of an infinite God.

Someone might be quick to say, “Doesn’t that show a mindlessness to go along with something you don’t understand?” Actually, I think it reveals:

  • A humility when people acknowledge they don’t know everything
  • A wisdom in recognizing God does

If God’s Word becomes a book we treat like a buffet – picking what we like and ignoring what we don’t – it loses its power in our lives. The need to follow the Script is absolutely essential.

Discuss: What parts of Scripture have you found to accept? How have you encouraged yourself to obey?

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  1. Great post.

    “Doesn’t that show a mindlessness to go along with something you don’t understand?”

    I don’t understand aerospace engineering so I’m more than happy to leave the finer details to those who are the experts in the area. I don’t have any fear when I’m flying because I’m relying on many other experts, from designers to builders and mechanics, to know what is best to keep a plane in the air.

    I don’t have to fully understand something to know that it’s often best to trust those with greater knowledge. It’s something we all do every day in many ways. When it comes to the big issues in life I will trust the creator of life itself. 🙂

    1. Hi Shan,
      Thanks for the comment.

      Since you mentioned youth leaders, I thought I’d briefly add that I haven’t seen much success with children/youth who receive instruction if it isn’t also coming from the parents/being taught at home. Hopefully the parents are discipling their children at home not to deviate from God’s Word through their teaching and lifestyles.

  2. Dying to our self daily is a tough order. I love your answer about what we are revealing when we don’t understand God’s call to our lives. We were just talking about this in our small group last Wednesday as we are going through Peter and were dissecting a video about “15 things to never say to an atheist”. In there, he does exactly that, calls people that say “you just have to have faith” mindless and says they are copping out.

    However, I think it does show humility and the ability to step away from us being the center of the universe to saying that there is a creator that is bigger than us. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Excellent & challenging Scott, thanks for sharing! I often don’t understand why God puts certain things in my foundation, but only the Potter knows what He’s designed His finished work to look like; we just have to trust & obey.

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