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Your Marriage God’s Way, Your Finances God’s Way, and Work and Rest God’s Way come with an accompanying workbook. Enduring Trials God’s Way and A Father Offers His Son have questions at the end of each chapter. This makes them perfect for group studies, such as home fellowships and Sunday Schools:

  • 10-20 copies receive 20% off the Amazon price
  • 11-20 copies receive 25% off the Amazon price
  • 20+ copies receive 35% off the Amazon price

If you’re interested in a bulk purchase, please contact me with your address and the number of copies you’d like, and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

Would you like signed copies for yourself or to give as gifts? For example:

  • Your Marriage God’s Way (and the workbook) for Valentine’s, anniversaries, or weddings
  • Enduring Trials God’s Way for people suffering or grieving
  • A Father Offers His Son for people interested in the Bible or beginning a ministry position
  • Your Finances God’s Way  and Work and Rest God’s Way for newlyweds, graduates, or people needing financial help

Signed copies are $1 more than the Amazon price. If you’re interested, please contact me with pertinent info, i.e. your address, who to make the book out to, and the occasion for giving the gift. Then I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

God bless,
Scott LaPierre

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Your Marriage God's Way by Scott LaPierre
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