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Your Finances Gods Way Workbook author Scott LaPierre

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Your Finances God’s Way Workbook: A Biblical Guide to Making the Best Use of Your Money

Experience the Peace that Comes with Wise Stewardship

Why did I waste my money on that?

How come I didn’t start saving sooner?

What will I do in a financial emergency?

Move beyond your financial fears by applying both biblical and practical guidelines to spending, saving, giving, and paying off debt. This companion workbook to Your Finances God’s Way gives you opportunity not only to further explore the Bible’s financial wisdom and strategies, but also to do more in-depth personal money management.

This companion guide features questions that can be used for personal reflection and group discussion, illuminate verses from Scripture, and provide charts you can personalize to create a plan that makes sense for your life and income. These will go a long way toward enabling you to live out the wisdom provided in Your Finances God’s Way.

As a Christian who desires to honor God, you’ll want to make sure you’re in control of your spending, not the other way around. This workbook will give you what you need to take charge of your money, find peace with your finances, and use every resource God has given you for His glory.

Be sure to check out the book, Your Finances God’s Way.

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