Am I Saved? Seven Tests to Know!

“Am I saved?” Is one of the most important questions we can ask. Read on if you want to know how to be sure you are saved.

“Am I saved?” is one of the most important questions we can ask. Jesus said many people are deceived about the answer:

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’”

Matthew 7:21-23

Paul commands:

“Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves.”

2 Corinthians 13:5

First John was written, “that you may know that you have eternal life” (1 John 5:13). As a result, 1 John is referenced more than any other book in these tests.

Test 1: Have I experienced godly sorrow that produces repentance?

Here’s the accompanying message.

Repentance is required for salvation, and it comes from godly sorrow over our sin:

For godly sorrow produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly sorrow produces death.

2 Corinthians 7:10

Worldly sorrow is the sorrow in:

  • Courtrooms across the country when the verdict is read
  • Children when they find out they’re going to be punished
  • Adults when they find out they’re going to suffer because of something they’ve done

Basically, worldly sorrow is regret or shame, not because of the sin itself, but because of the consequences. It has no redemptive value.

Godly sorrow on the other hand involves sorrow over the sin, because there’s understanding the sin was committed against a holy, loving God. Godly sorrow desires victory over sin, and as a result it produces a change of mind about the sin; a turning from it. Repentance.

“Sorrow” is synonymous with regret, and Paul says godly sorrow won’t later cause regret; it won’t later cause more sorrow. Why? Because it “produces repentance that leads to salvation.”

Test 2: Has my repentance produced fruit?

Here’s the accompanying message.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

Ephesians 2:8-9

Even though we aren’t saved by works, they are one of the strongest evidences of being saved. I’m amazed by the number of people confident in salvation that lacks fruit. Could be the salvation of a parent, child, sibling, or even their own. Three times James said, “faith without works is dead” (James 2:17, 20, 26).

Test 3: Has my faith persevered through trials?

This message had two parts: Part I and Part II.

While none of us enjoy trials (which is why James 1:2 commands us to “count” them as joy versus “feel” joy), one of the blessings from them is the greater confidence they can give us in our salvation:

  • James 1:3 says trials “[test] your faith.” In what sense? To see if it survives trials.
  • 1 Peter 1:7 says trials “prove” or “reveal” the “genuineness of our faith.”

When our faith survives trials we can rejoice regarding our faith being tested and proved.

Conversely, in Matthew 13:21 Jesus said the seed that fell on rocky ground didn’t survive when trials arose. Just as trials reveal the sincerity of faith, they also reveal when faith is insincere.

Test 4: Is my life characterized by obedience?

Here’s the accompanying message.

Just like Christians never reach a place of perfect sinlessness, they also never reach a place of perfect obedience; however, just like believers can avoid lives characterized by sin, they can also have lives characterized by obedience:

  • Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments (1 John 2:3).
  • He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him (1 John 2:4).
  • But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked (1 John 2:5-6).
  • Little children, let no one deceive you. He who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous (1 John 3:7).

Test 5: Do I practice sinning?

This message had two parts: Part I and Part II.

Scripture does a tremendous job providing balance, and sin in a believer’s life is one of those balanced areas:

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

1 John 1:8

We never stop sinning completely and to believe differently is a lie, but at the same time Scripture makes clear that believers can’t have lives characterized by sin.

  • If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth (1 John 1:6).
  • And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure (1 John 3:3).
  • Whoever abides in Him does not sin. Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor known Him (1 John 3:6).
  • He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God (1 John 3:8-9).

John means, “he cannot keep on sinning,” establishing a pattern, or lifestyle of sin. That’s an impossibility for believers.

Paul communicates the same truth. In 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 he lists a number of sins – lying, idolatry, homosexuality, thieving, drunkenness – that prevent people from inheriting the kingdom of God. Then in verse 10 he says, And such were some of you.” After we become Christians our lives can no longer be characterized by those sins.

Test 6: Do I hunger and thirst spiritually?

This message had two parts: Part I and Part II.

None of us always feel like praying, reading the Bible, going to church, or being in fellowship, but we should have a regular desire for these spiritual activities. Assuming people have put their faith in Christ, they should look forward to worshiping the Lord who saved them. There’s only one group of people who don’t hunger and thirst for truth for these spiritual activities and that’s the unregenerate.

Test 7: Do I understand spiritual truths?

Believers have received the Divine Teacher:

  • John 14:26 The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.
  • 1 John 2:27 The anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.

Saved individuals will have at least some grasp of spiritual truths. We’re not talking about every believer being a tremendous theologian, but we are talking about a spiritual illumination of basic truths. As much as spiritual blindness is an evidence of being unsaved, spiritual sight is evidence of being saved.


I’m thankful for the tests God provides in His Word. They should give some greater confidence in their salvation, while making others question whether they’re truly saved. My prayer is this post helps both groups!

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  1. Scott, thank you for these godly, biblical “tests.” How would you counsel a friend who has professed faith in Jesus, and faithfully goes to church and even serves in the church community, but after reading this article, would say there is little to no evidence of their life being transformed in light of what the tests are asking? They are “doing” some godly things, but their daily life with its desires, goals, activities and actions are essentially as it was before professing faith? They confess the passion and desire to pursue the life described is lacking. They are pretty convinced these are good things, but not required for assurance because it is God’s responsibility as several verses teach.

    This article has shaken their assumption, and they are asking what must they “do” for these evidences to manifest?

    1. Hello Terry,
      Nice to hear from you. I’m glad these tests ministered to you and/or your friend.

      If I understand what you are asking, your friend is concerned they are not doing enough or their life has not changed enough? That makes sense. I would encourage your friend that we are not saved by anything we do. I understand, as I wrote in the post, that our works serve as evidence though, and if this person doesn’t have works they doubt that there is evidence of salvation. But even based on your comment it sounds like there is some evidence. It might not be much, but as you said “They are doing some godly things.”

  2. I don’t know what you mean by this, because when people say God is speaking to them they could mean any number of things

    What Jessica is saying is the same thing that I am suffering from. I have heard people saying that God really speaks audibly to them to guide them, like when taking a decision. They hear God saying things like “Don’t go there,” “have nothing to do with that person,” “choose that”… to someone that just lost his keys in the dark: “A bit more right… left… in front…” etc.

    There is also the jealousy we endure when we hear people saying that God always answers their prayers, while people like me have to stop praying to avoid more disappointment because God never answer even one of my prayers during 20 years, and never give any explanation why.

    1. Hello Yosua,
      I was saved in a slightly more charismatic church than the one I currently pastor. People would say things like, “God told me.” I think it is important to know what people mean by this. Like you, I was discouraged that it did not seem like God was speaking to me like he supposedly spoke to those people. In hindsight, I do not think God was speaking to them the way I suspected. In other words, they did not hear from him audibly. It was an encouragement to me to come to this understanding. I would highly recommend reading Charismatic Chaos by John MacArthur.

  3. Just trust in him. Seek him diligently. Read everything you can. Think about identifying the issues you are facing. I look at it as some relevance to a mathematical equation. Every good is an A+ and every sin is an A-. Enduring, faithful, and patient is what I rely on. Also look into the test of life, Jesus’s plan for salvation. If you trust him to save you from the devil there are seven tests: love, faith, endurance, patience, obedience, sacrifice, and humility. I’m lucky enough to have been granted close insight with God and I’m taking this test. If you need help let me know. I too have endured similar grievances and will help when I can. I hope to hear from you. Anyone else who may come across this, reply to my comment.

  4. I was researching how do I know if I have truly accepted Christ. Then I came across this post. I have such mixed feelings. I think I love God. At times I know I love God. I also know the devil will make me doubt my feelings as well. But I’ve had a hard time recently because I desperately want a close relationship with God so close that I can hear him talk to me like he does to others like he did to people in the Bible. When I think I’m close I get so upset because I don’t hear him talking to me like he does to everyone else then I start to pull away our anger and hurt. I feel he has abandoned me even though I know the Bible tells me he will never. I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong to not feel that closeness or oneness with him. To not hear him talk to me like he does others.

    1. Jessica,
      I would discourage you from following your feelings. You said you don’t hear Him talking to you like He does to everyone else. I don’t know what you mean by this, because when people say God is speaking to them they could mean any number of things. I would encourage you to hear God through his word and trust to those promises versus your feelings.

  5. Carol,
    I’m not sure you will ever see this but I hope you do. Tonight, I came to this site and read the test that Mr. LaPierre wrote as I was recently challenged with this very subject. I am 51 and accepted Jesus and baptized at 35 by a very well known respected pastor and friend.
    He asked me all the questions and I believed that I was truly saved until I heard a message this weekend that made me ask myself “but am I truly saved?”
    After reading your post, it is as if you wrote my story. I literally cried my eyes out over it because it was as if I already knew what you were going to say.
    So I took a big breath and went outside to sit with the Lord and ask Him to reveal or bring to mind what I have not repented for or why I feel distant from Him. It was so timely because I had just gotten home from BSF Bible study and we just covered the book of Joel and Hosea. So much sin and disobedience was covered tonight BUT GOD…He forgave and restored and reminded them of who He was.
    So I sat and listed all the things that I do, say and think about that do not bring Him glory. I asked Him to help me and forgive me and then I remembered what He has already done so I took communion.
    I’ve never sobbed so hard because I know now that what He has already done is so much greater than what I could ever do.
    All the serving and giving and trying so hard to be who I thought He wanted me to be isn’t anything without Him first.
    I prayed and felt peace where my tears no longer came and as I asked Him to break me of the generational sins of my family, my bitterness, ungratefulness and the lying I partake in for acceptance….I remember that He accepted me already. He loves me and desires to pull me in as I abide in Him.
    Carol, you are so loved by our wonderful Savior. Never doubt who He or His love for you as You seek to know Him more.
    The Lord was quite a few times in the Bible but He will never leave or forsake His people.
    Thank you for your post Carol, it led me to go to the Lord and seek Him and His loving arms.

    1. Chandie,
      Thanks so much for sending this along to encourage Carol.

      We can be encouraged that we are forgiven by faith in Christ’s sacrifice versus something we could do to earn God’s mercy.

  6. Pastor Scott, I am a senior citizen who gave her heart and life to the Lord on March 26,1977. I had, what I considered to be 3 major sins that I was practicing on a regular basis before I came to know Jesus After I became His child, at 30 years old, I was so convicted of my sin and being that I was a new believer, I guess I thought that changing myself was all up to me and as I failed time and time again, the conviction was so strong that I could hardly sit in a church service as I would cry so much I would have to leave. I remember one day, standing in my living room crying out to Him, Lord, I want to stop sinning but I keep on doing the same thing over and over. Lord, I CAN’T DO THIS!! All of a sudden, I heard this very quiet, still voice coming up from the center of my chest and the voice said “You can’t but I can!! I knew beyond any doubt that this Voice was the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit. I got such peace and Joy first in knowing that He heard me and answered me and next I knew that He was going to help me and I learned a truth that day and that is, we cannot change ourselves, we need the power of the Holy Spirit in order not just to make the changes but even to have the desire for that change. The changes came, slowly, not all at once but those 3 things that I mistakenly thought were my Sins through his power and my cooperation, were gone from my life and let me say that, after that, I began to see that there were more things that were sin in my life and even though the ones that I recognized were major, the ones that I saw later were actually more nagging and damaging and probably were the things or attitudes that caused the 3 so called major sins in the first place. I just included this in my message because I wanted to share how, I needed to, ass the Lord brought these things to my attention, go to Him honestly and confess my sin and repented the best that I knew how at the time. It was years but every once in a while, I would look back and I would see some growth, some of my bad attitudes and habits were being overcome with His Help. He used me in many ways, he delivered me from many destructive things, I heard His voice both His still small voice and also sometimes he would speak in a way that I can only describe as if what He wanted me to know, was “downloading ” because what I learned from what he would share with me, if I was going to share it with someone else, it would take an hour when it only took a second for Him to give it to me. I do hope that this makes sense to whoever might read this message. I also heard His voice audibly, loudly like a roaring waterfall again rising up from the same place that I had heard Him that first time in my living room. OK, after sharing all of this, mainly because I wanted you all to realize that, I did have a beautiful relationship with Jesus so what I am going through now and have been going through for a few years, you might be able to give me some insight knowing also that, unless I am or have been totally deceived and I never really knew Christ at all. I really don’t think that I can go through everything here, my message is already too long, but suffice it to say that, over the last few years, I have not sensed His Presence in my life at all. In the beginning I was upset by this but I started thinking that maybe he was testing me as I was told that He did from time to time. The only thing is that the few weeks of not sensing His Presence or voice turned into months and then years. Along with my not feeling His guidance or answers to prayer when I would go to Him asking why, or what is wrong, and that is when I started getting scared. I thought back to the last thing that I remembered that I heard Him speak to me and it was clear, Redeem the time for the days are evil ” I heard Him say this as a response, I believe to my prayer that morning when I was asking Him to forgive me because I had become very lax in my prayer life and even when praying for my children, I had become very hit and miss. I had remarried after my husband of 35 years passed away and my new marriage was not going so well. I spent more time worrying about that and my life and my mistakes and my time was being spent mostly on myself or on hobbies that had developed in my life to make me feel happier. All of this was happening and I never even saw it coming or being a major problem for a long time. I had been going out and spending my time before sharing the gospel and things like that. Then I got sick and a series of illnesses began. This is what my life has been like for years now, I can’t go to regular church services, I have zero fellowship and believe me I have tried but it is not happening. I began having my regular prayer and Bible study again but not as much as I did before. I don’t hear anything from the Word and I get scared and depressed. I have begun watching Christian teaching on YouTube as I do not watch television anymore and as this world is becoming increasingly more rapidly heading in the wrong direction, I am getting older, I am now 76 years old, not 30 anymore, I take care of my disabled husband and I have begun to see all of the bad attitudes and feelings worse than ever before, I see that I am not exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit, I am crying out to God constantly to help me, I wake up in the middle of the night and cry out and ask Him to please forgive whatever it is that is separating me from Him. Then I noticed that I have been looking only at myself and my behavior and problems and took my eyes off of my Lord and Savior but I must confess, I do repent but it seems to be that I am mostly scared of going to Hell and not be with Jesus. I even started to wonder if I am one of those spoken of that is falling away in these last days. Would I have a choice or like Judas created to betray the Lord or is that even the truth? As you may see, I am becoming increasingly confused. This is in no way the way I was just maybe 8 to 10 years ago; I still remember the Peace of God and the Joy but I cannot seem to find them now. Please, if you have any insight as to what could be causing this, I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you again for taking the time to read this novel of a message 😊, Carol

    1. Carol,
      I think many people can relate to parts of what you wrote, especially trying hard in our own effort and failing time and time again. Paul seemed to say as much at the end of Romans 7. This is the safe haven for all believers as we struggle against the flesh.

      I wish I grew faster. I suspect all people feel this way at least at times. But it is important as you said to look back at the growth that has taken place and we should be able to see some. I don’t see how people could become believers and remain the same for years. This would make me question the legitimacy of conversion.

      You wrote:

      over the last few years, I have not sensed His Presence in my life at all.

      Interestingly, I just responded to a comment on another post. The individual asked me if I perceived the presence of the resurrected Jesus within me. Here’s my response, which is also what I would share with you:

      I highly discourage people from going by feelings as they come and go and can be deceitful. We need to hold to the truths in God’s Word. To me, it is not an issue of what I feel or experience day-to-day. What matters is what God says in Scripture.

      It sounds like you have become convicted about some areas of growth in your life. That is a wonderful thing! Respond to this conviction by considering how God would have you repent and what He would have you change.

      I am very sorry about your sickness. The leadership in the church should be visiting you at least occasionally and hopefully some of the others in the congregation.

      The irony of people being afraid of going to hell is that people who are afraid of going to hell almost never go to hell. Hell is for those people who have no fear of it, or I should say have no fear of God.

      I would encourage you to listen to sermons, pray, read the Word, and trust the truths God shares versus relying on your feelings and emotions. Although I wouldn’t know for sure, you seem to be a woman who has a very genuine faith in Christ and sensitivity to your relationship with Him.

    2. Carol,

      I am interested in reading replies to this, because I too have been experiencing this same thing. I’m only 31, but I’ve had communication from God, and felt very close to Him in the past and suddenly it just stopped. I have religious OCD (or so they call it), in my mind I have a major problem on my hands. I’ve been completely tortured for awhile now regarding my relationship status with God. I don’t have any answers, I recommend continuing to read the Word, keep praying, no matter what happens just keep going & never give up on Him. We owe Him our life. I just want you to know you’re not alone. I will be praying for you. I too have been having a very difficult time in my life, and I’ve also become completely self absorbed due to the issues. The road is narrow, and the way to life is difficult. I take comfort in my Father’s promises, He said He will not leave us, or forsake us. I truly pray you get answers, I pray everyone in this situation gets an answer. Sometimes this is where faith steps in dear sister. Lots of love from FL.

      1. Krysten,
        Thank you for responding to Carol. I don’t think our feelings are very good guides. You said you have felt close to God, but then it stopped. I think all of us have experienced this to some extent. I would encourage you to trust the promises in God’s Word versus emotions or experiences.

        Really appreciate your recommendation to Carol to continue reading God’s Word and praying.

  7. I recently rediscovered our heavenly father and his son who gave himself willingly so that if we believe in his life and follow his teachings, we will not die.
    I have done a complete 180 in my life as far as sin goes. I have given up everything that I used to love doing because after asking the mighty one to come into my life, he very quickly did so and has opened my eyes to the world of sinfulness.
    I used to attend a weekly drum circle at a clothing optional beach and my whole life revolved around that, It was my greatest joy. Since knowing YAH, everything about this past life has left my heart.
    My questions are, I am a type one diabetic and I use daily insulin shots to maintain my blood sugar levels. I am wondering if this is “being mastered” by worldly things. I feel that if I stopped taking insulin that YAH would have my back but I am hesitant because of past attempts to do such.
    Also, I took one of those pcr at home tests for the virus lie and I am now worried that I may have been tricked into the “mark” after watching videos about that. What do you know about this? I know most “normal” people think its nonsense but I’m really concerned about this.

    Another thing is I have been getting insight from the most high on many things in life that I had no idea were sins until I asked YAH to show me these things. I asked him to clarify exactly what he wants me to do and one thing that just came up was the fact that the bible has been edited to remove the holy name of our creator and his son and virtually no one knows this. You even do it. The name of the mighty one(Elohim) is YAHUAH and his son is YAHUSHA meaning “the lamb of the mighty one”. The bible says that these names are VERY important to use and not to use other names in their place. Most bibles tho do not use his real name and this bothers me greatly. Are YOU saved for instance if you use the words; “God”, “the lord”, “Christian”, or “Jesus”? After getting this message in a divine way, I think that most people who read the bible are unaware of the importance and significance of these things. They say they changed the names to stop the possibility of blaspheme but YAH tells us to call him by name and that only by his name does salvation come. Why then do so many not find this truth and call him by his name?
    YAH is short for YAHUAH Elohim(the mighty one). YAHUSHA is an extension of YAHUAH as this is his son.
    First I am asking your opinion on the other things(insulin use and pcr tests) and lastly I am asking you to pray on this name issue and try to understand it yourself. What is your take on this? Thanks for your time.

    1. Joel,
      Nice to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your testimony. It is very encouraging to me and I’m sure with will be a blessing for others to read as well.

      No, I definitely do not think that using insulin for diabetes is being mastered by worldly things any more than it is for anyone taking medication for illnesses. We want to look to God for healing and strength, but we can trust Him to work through doctors and medication.

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean about being tricked into the mark. If you mean the mark of the beast, it is something that must be taken deliberately, not accidentally. When people receive the mark they will know they are choosing allegiance to the antichrist.

      Where does the Bible say that we should use those names and not other ones?

      I clearly don’t think there’s anything wrong with using the titles in our modern translations, such as God, Lord, Christian, or Jesus. My posts and books make this clear. But I will pray as you suggested in case I’m missing something.

      You asked why so many do not find this truth, and I think it is because there’s nothing wrong with using these titles.

    2. There are some bibles such as NWT that use God’s name where the tetragrammaton appeared in the old manuscripts. Apparently the Jewish scribes removed His name, but many, many scriptures reveal that He considers his name important. It’s very strange that Christians call their god by titles rather than a personal name, while Muslims, for example, have a name (Allah) for their god, as do all others. Christians do say “Halleujah” which means “praise Jehovah” or Jah for short. May you continue to research this important subject.

  8. Hi Scott,
    Thank you for these tests! I have found them very encouraging! It has been over two years since I came to, what I believe, is saving faith in Jesus Christ. I grew up in church and Christian school, but never cared too much about following Jesus nor did I ever have a full understanding of what that truly meant or would look like. I started being convicted of my sin in spring of 2020, and by June of 2020, I repented and began trusting in Christ to have taken my sin on the cross. The gospel use to be foolishness to me, but now it is the power of salvation. I had a new awareness of sin and of God. My whole life had lacked reverence for God. The only remorse I had for sin would come from a place of “I really need to get my life together and get serious about being a christian” and not “I am sinning against a good and holy God, Who took my sin on the cross.” Now, my greatest desire is to be in fellowship with Him, to be walking in obedience with Him, and to continually know Him deeper. My family and friends noticed a huge difference in me, mainly the hunger and desire to obey God that was never present before. I love building deep meaningful relationships with other believers, and I love reading scripture; diving into passages and letting the Lord work and show me just how good He is. These things were never present before! Unfortunately, through all this, I have struggled with assurance of salvation. I never struggled too much with assurance before I truly came to a relying and actively trusting on Christ. This is odd to me. There are two areas in my life that I feel lately have really caused me to doubt:
    “I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people— not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one.”
    ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭5:9-11‬ ‭ESV‬‬
    Sadly, this was me before coming to know Christ. This also describes a high number of people that I know and that are in my life. I can’t assume these people calling themselves Christians are actually walking with the Lord if they are openly in sexual sin with no evidence of conviction. Furthermore, people calling themselves Christians and affirming things like homosexuality and abortion. These people are not in my local church, but in my family and friends that I have had for a long time. I have distanced myself from these people. I couldn’t in good conscience have a close intimate relationship with them. But since most people where I am from (Oklahoma) claim to be a Christian, should I not talk to them? Do you have any advice for me? I desperately want to do what the Lord says, I just want to make sure I am making a correct application of this passage.
    Same with any passages about not being mastered by anything. I have a caffeine dependency, and I have been slowly working my way to less and less caffeine. Since most people I know that truly love the Lord openly are addicted to caffeine, I wonder if I am overthinking things in this area, or if the Lord is really convicting me about this habit.
    I have also gotten very lazy about personal evangelism since I have become pregnant (my husband I’s first baby) this has bothered me deeply and my motivation for evangelizing has been coming from a place of “I don’t want to get out of the habit of sharing about the Lord” instead of an overflowing of joy about my salvation.
    I know this was long, but I appreciate any advice.
    I have spoken with my pastors about the 1 Corinthians issue, and they said there is a difference between shunning members in the church and people outside the church who just call themselves Christians. Still feeling confused.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Jordan,
      Thank you for letting me know. I’m glad my post helped you. Praise God for what He has shown you the last couple years and for the work He has done in your life. Thank you for your testimony.

      I agree with you that if people are openly engaging in sexual sin without any conviction that it is very difficult to believe they are saved. Additionally, I agree with you that it is hard to believe people could be Christians yet affirm things God hates, such as homosexuality and abortion (murder).

      You said you have distanced yourself from them. I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I hope you have not distanced yourself too far. Perhaps you are the person God wants to use in their lives. I hope you will be close enough that they feel comfortable reaching out to you and that they will be familiar enough with your life that it can still be a testimony to them. Perhaps God will use the work He has done in your life to convict them and draw them to Himself. I do agree to like you said you should not have a close intimate relationship with them, but you can still have a relationship with them. Yes, you should keep the lines of communication open for the reasons I mentioned. How close should you be? Close enough that God can use you in their lives but not so close that they would be a bad influence on you. First Corinthians 11:33 warns about this: bad company corrupts good morals.

      Regarding caffeine, first Corinthians 6:12 comes to mind. Paul discusses things that are permissible, but he says he doesn’t want to be mastered by anything. I think this applies to many permissible things, such as caffeine, exercise, horseback riding, you name it. When something has mastered us it has become an idol.

      I appreciate your humility and acknowledging your weakness in evangelism. I feel the same. I do know that when my wife becomes pregnant, her priorities change and she experiences fatigue makes many things in life more difficult. If you are bothered deeply by this as you said, which I take to mean strong conviction from God, then I would encourage you to consider what is necessary to repent and have this conviction removed.

      If I understand what your pastors are saying, I do agree with them that there is a difference between shunning members in the church (which I take to mean shunning people under church discipline) versus shunning people outside the church. In first Corinthians 5 Paul contrasts those inside the church with those outside the church, so it does seem there should be a difference between our approaches to these groups.

    2. Jordan reading your message inspired me to give you something i have learned from experience.
      God will use you without you realizing it to reach others.
      Two different times in my life i have had coworkers make fun of me and mock me because i love Jesus.
      I get offended easily but both times God put his hand over my mouth. For a while i really despised one of them because of the length he went to make fun of me in front of everybody.
      Daily i would look at him and smile but i really wanted to punch him in the mouth.
      A few months went by and he pulled me aside one day away from all the coworkers and asked me if i would be willing to take him to church with me because of my joy and how happy i am every single day.
      He said he wanted what i had inside.
      I literally did not know how to respond. I went from harboring hate towards him to feeling instant shame for not loving him.
      I cried on the drive home after work. God put his hand over my mouth that day my coworker offended me. Jesus did more with my silence than any word i could have ever spoken in that moment.
      I realized this. How will any sinner ever come to know Jesus if they never see any of his followers? (Jesus can do anything of course) Remember this too! Jesus hung out with such bad sinners that the pharisees gasped.
      But its the sick who need a doctor. God works through us a lot more than we know. If the Son has set you free then free indeed you are. Be a light in this dark world for people to see and want to know about that light in you.
      Let Jesus worry about your salvation. Everybody always asks God for stuff but if you really want to hear God answer your prayers ask God what you can do for Him. Tell Him you want to be a blessing to Him.
      If you want some excitement in your life and feel close to Jesus ask Him what you can do for another for him. Dont spend your thoughts on you and your salvation, worry about other peoples salvation.
      You will find your reassurance there although i can tell already that you are His.
      We sometimes think that God only has enough to barely get us into Heaven. We look at Gods power and it’s unimaginable. We look at His holiness and it’s unimaginably pure and perfect so much so that we would die if we saw him and thats why God had to become a man.
      The demons knew who he was. But back to my point all of these characteristics of God are unfathomable.
      So is His mercy and grace. Ours should be for others the same.
      I know when i worry about my salvation its because im looking at myself too much and i need to get my head back in the game. Jesus is the quarterback.
      Dont get caught daydreaming of other things like i did when i wanted to punch my coworker and Jesus threw me the ball and i wasnt ready to give the right answer cause i was in shock that he wanted to go to church with me.
      I fumbled! But Jesus smiled and said wake up sleepyhead.
      Anyway i know this is super long but i get all fired up to encourage and have to stop myself or i would write such a long message it would clog up the internet and God would be getting a bunch of prayers to unjam it.
      Theres gonna be three things that surprise us all when we get to Heaven.
      1. There will not be people there that you thought for sure would be.
      2. There will be people there that you thought you would never see there.
      3. That your there.

      Look at the attitudes of those welcomed into Heaven. They are shocked because they know they are unworthy and they cant even think of the good things they did for Christ because they know they are unworthy. Just like man who prayed and tore his clothes and would not even look up to Heaven because he was so disgusted in himself. He gives no excuse he plainly just says “have mercy on me a sinner.”
      Kind of like what Paul writes in Romans chapter 7. But there is no condemnation for those who walk in the Spirit.
      Put Jesus first and you will never be put to shame.
      God bless all of you. I hope that inspires.
      Sincerely, Your Brother.

  9. Just read this I’m have been doubting salvation for months and it keeps getting worse. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was young. For about 20 years has an addiction to porn, tried everything I could to do to stop it, never could I finally cired it to God to help, since January I haven’t had any real desire to do it, still cross’ my mind from time to time. Went back to a new church in late 2021 got involved there. Since I’d say February. I was going so fast even asked my pastor did he think I was saved he said yes. He told me the devil would be coming after me now. I was doing so many Bible studies. Then one day I get hit with not doing enough. Luke 16:24 messed me up that day. I took that as sell everything, give up everything, moved to a different state if not your not saved. I think I worked though that but still think it changed my way of viewing salvation. Since then, everyday is just something, not saved, wasting time, wasting time working, scared of going to heaven, scared of Jesus coming back that means this life is over, fear of dieing tomorrow, not enjoying anything because I think everything is a sin(so I said well I’ll be convicted if it is, you want if your not saved). Everything in the world will be destroyed and that’s Jesus’ fault, haven’t been able worship him like I used to, everything I read the Bible I find something else that I’m not doing condemning myself as my pastor said. That had caused me to almost stop reading altogether. If I could convince myself this was an attack from the devil I could almost use that against him why would he attack a nonbeliever saying he wasn’t saved. I have lost joy, maybe joy of salvation but I’m not aware of any sins. Isn’t joy a fruit of the spirit? Don’t have a desire to have a actual quite time

    What’s going on now is 2 things one. I can’t plan anything to do in advance because I think I want be here that takes the joy away from everything, and leaves me mad at God, but at the sametime I want to do everything God tells me to do haven’t heard nothing. I pray and ask for help with no answers which Leeds into number 2. I asked help with trying to find assurance of salvation, with no answer. I could settle for a just wait and see at this point. Another thing in my head heaven is beyond anything in this world so that means in a sense anything here now is garbage so it shouldn’t have any joy in it. Why does it seem like my joy in this world and the joy of Jesus are connected. Shouldn’t be any comparison. But if I don’t have one I don’t have the other.

    I have arrived at 1 to 3 things. I’m really not saved 2. I got a lot of work to do on myself. 3. I’m believing everything the devil is lieing to be about but not the truth.

    Anything comments would help. Thanks.

    1. Hello FM,
      I’m sorry to read this. But if you were addicted to porn for twenty years it was probably good that you questioned your salvation. Praise God for delivering you from the addiction.

      Perhaps you should focus on Romans 8, which says there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

      Yes, joy is a fruit of the spirit. Perhaps pray and ask God why you don’t have more of it and what you might need to do differently in your life.

      Of the three possibilities you mentioned number two is true of all of us. I leaned toward number three. You seem very convicted and concerned about your salvation, which is a good sign.

    2. I just want to tell you that there is definitely something going on in the spiritual realm because I have been going through this exact same thing (the fear of having committed the unforgivable sin, the fears you described about not being saved, about everything being a sin, etc) it sounds like you’ve been living in my mind. They call this religious scrupulosity, or religious OCD, I’m not buying that… Something is definitely going on in the mind’s, and hearts of all believers. I encourage you to research this yourself, I would caution you about what you read, but Google searches will reveal to you that this is a very common occurrence & is happening worldwide, on a large scale. I don’t have any answers as to why yet, but as always, please continue to pray constantly, read the Word everyday! I am praying for you, you’re no where near alone on this.

      1. Krysten,
        Thank you for responding to Fm. As I said in another comment to you, I would encourage you to hold to the promises in God’s Word versus feelings and emotions, which can come and go. Also continue reading the Word and praying as you recommended.

  10. The only test that matters is this: Acts 16:30-33

    30 He then brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”
    31 They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”
    32 Then they spoke the word of the Lord to him and to all the others in his house.
    33 At that hour of the night the jailer took them and washed their wounds; then immediately he and all his household were baptized.

  11. True, I know I’m saved, but I went through a lot of dark times. I long to be with God, but I feel like I may be not saved as I don’t pray alot as I don’t what to talk about it, and I don’t feel guilty of sin. But I try to repent as God said to. It does scare me.

    1. Hello Dimetri,
      When you say “dark times,” I don’t know if you mean trials or sin. If you mean you have been through many trials, that shouldn’t affect your view of your salvation. If you mean the sins you have committed, you can repent and put your faith in Christ and be forgiven for even the worst sins.

      Can you let me know why you feel like you might not be saved? You said you don’t pray as much as you should, but I could say the same about myself. We are not saved or kept saved by how much we pray.

      Regarding not feeling guilty of sin, if you mean you lack conviction, that is concerning. If the Holy Spirit indwells us, we will be convicted of sin. I would pray and ask God why you are not more convicted. But I would also add that you must be convicted at least somewhat, because your convicted that you don’t pray more and you’re even convicted about not being convicted more.

  12. I will make this as short and simple as I can. I made a profession of faith at a youth camp when I was 16 years old, I remembering that I “felt” bubbly and that my sins were forgiven. I was baptized at a local Baptist church and gave my testimony after the baptism.
    I am now 65 years old and was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder unspecified. I have been getting help with my mental disorder through counseling, medication, bible study, and prayer. My life has been characterized by extreme ups and downs, mania and depression, and during times in my life I have preached as an itinerant preacher and worked as a youth minister, yet there was this dark cloud of sin in my life, sexual sin. I battled ponography, promiscuous behavior, and risky sexual behavior. I don’t remember if I confessed all of my sins to God. I know that I have always professed to be a Christian, but I did not totally turn away from my sexual sin.
    Since my diagnosis I have been doubting my salvation and if I apply some of the tests of true salvation I wonder if if I am truly saved. I recently made rededication of my life to God and have repented of the sins that God has placed on my mind. I believe He has forgiven me, but yet I question my salvation. I have even prayed accepting Christ and making Him Savior and Lord in my life, again. Yet I am still doubting. Thank you for your article.

    1. Nate,
      Thank you for commenting and sharing so transparently and humbly.

      Nobody has ever confessed all of their sins to God. Fortunately this is not a requirement for salvation.

      Can you tell me what tests you believe you are failing and why you believe you’re failing them?

  13. Before now, I was always down. Didn’t feel like doing anything. One day at our local fairgrounds, we (students from my high school and i) were working on haltering some dairy heifers to show. Everyone else got theirs and left and I was still struggling. Then, out of no where a (cute) guy starts walking towards me (I didn’t have any attractive interest in him at the time) and had a longer halter (to use as a rope) and he asked me, “do you need help?” And before I could respond he was coming in the pen to help me. A few days passed and I started to develop feelings for him. The day I realized I really liked him I prayed that God would give me enough courage to start a conversation with him. At the time I didn’t think it would work because I’ve never talked to my crush before. But, my prayer was answered the next day at the fairgrounds. I walked up to him and started talking to him as if I’d known him for years and we’ve been fairly good friends ever since. But, that’s not the point. What I’m trying to get at is that before I met thus guy my life was dull and boring. After I met him and got to know him and developed feelings for him, my whole world was flipped. I am now happy all the time and pray at least 6 times a day. I’ve asked for forgiveness of my sins and I’ve noticed I don’t sin as often as I did before. I believe God sent that boy to help me find my true self and to save me.

    1. Haylee,
      Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing this testimony, but I have a question. It sounds like you are saying your relationship with this boy determines how you feel. What happens if this relationship comes to an end?

  14. I just ran across this site today ( 12-9-21). I love this! May we all remember, when we doubt, we really are focused on ourselves or other people, events etc. Just as Peter walked on water while focused on Jesus, our salvation is IN HIM. IT IS BY CHRIST AND CHRIST ALONE THAT WE ARE SAVED! Draw closer to Him, read His Word, attend a God fearing biblical based gospel preaching church, TOTALLY FOCUS ON JESUS CHRIST!

    J! E! S! U! S!



  15. i’ll try 2 make this short —i’m an adult christian believer w’ asperger’s (possibly more) that is unable 2 recognize god’s voice, presence, answers, signs or even warning signs in general (except rarely after the fact)…i can only understand the literal parts of the bible & not even all of that (symbolism, codes, #’s, imagary, etc is 2 difficult 4 me)…also, even thou i know right from wrong, i don’t even know when i’m sinning as everything has 2 b written down or listed in full detail & only then am i able 2 use my free will…i grew up in a house w’ parents who not only don’t believe in god, but wouldn’t even let me go 2 church w’ a friend, until i was @ lst 13 (& even then they were unwilling) even thou i knew there was a higher power @ maybe 5 or 6…also, they were/r extremely controlling & i was never able 2 make my own choices or speak 4 myself…my dad esp, has been angry & all my life & now has become very erratic, & has emotionally abusd me as well, but denies it…anyway, i’m telling u this cuz it relates 2 my ?, but 1st i need 2 say 1 more major limitation that is also involved in this & that is that i don’t have the ability/foresight 2 look into/search future events cuz like a recovering alcoholic, i can only take things 1 day @ a time as my sensory system becomes overloaded 2 the pt where it actually debilitates me & it takes @ lst 3 days 2 fully recover, if not mre as it depends on how much stress i had…anyway, as a result of these limitations, i unknowingly took the mark of beast thru the rt pcr dna (covid test), which does inc. the vax (or should i say gene experiment) which proves that the vax can b taken unknowingly, thereby proving that the bible has been altered from it’s original languages (greek & hebrew)…now i will list what the cax really does contain (there may b more or i may b missing something, but this is the gist of it: 1st, it changes ur dna (transhumanism = chimera, cyborg, artificial intelligence – beast/ nephelium, fallen angel) & that in itself is irreparable…it magnitzes u – there r video’s of people who had the test or shot w’ magnets, silverware, or anything that is magnitized (u can even light up a bulb) – this is so u can b attatched 2 the ‘beast ‘ computer that they will turn on once the 5g is in place (this is one reason y people who have been vaccinated feel sick/sicker in areas w’ 5g — it’s what they have done in china)…initially, this is a bio-weapon (depopulation weapon) that was made in a lab in china & in the us…it has the quantum dot, which is activated by the lucerferous or the vax itself ( it has something 2 do w’ like how a firefly lighs up) that can b seen under an infered light…it has micro chips – i don’t know what goes w’ what, but they do include the image of the beast, the # of a man & the buy/sell deal…there r also micro needles which r going 2 be used 2 put in different vaxes by the nwo people…it includes mind/mood control, tracks u (they can even exterminate u if/when they choose…it also kills ur god gene, so u turn away from god, but luckily it did the opposite 2 me — i not only feel the spirit more often, but @ a grtr intensity…some people even lose their god gene after the 1st jab, but i guess it depends on ur hlth…it also contains a digital id as well as invisible in…also, it’s very toxic – it has graphene oxide & other toxic ingrediants, as well as aborted fetus’s, animal parts, etc…initially, the beast & the temple is inside u, so that’s how u worship the beast…anyway, the vax used in the pcr test is not the same as the typical vax since i had the test done in 2019 & the vaxs weren’t out, but they r a form of the vax (or should i say medicine since the kits were purposly labeled as such — these so called test kits were snuck into the us in 2018)…i never was gonna get the test or vax, but only cuz i didn’t c y a hlthy person should b tested just 2 c if u had it, w’out having it (covid)so i saw no need 4 going in 2 b tested…however, 2 yrs ago, i had 2 go 2 the er 4 what turned out 2 b an inner bleed (gastritis) in which i lost 3 units of blood in 2 hrs after admission (plus 1 more the next day) & as the test was required 4 admission, & w’ no warning signs or anything, i felt pressured/forced 2 take it, not knowing what it was…even now, there’s more talk abt the jab being the mark when the test is & the test is even more dangerous as it can kill u on the spot…finally, i need 2say that this was not a regular swab test (cotton tip) that is used (they actually don’t show images of what the test really looks like…initially, it’s 2 parts – 1 being a literal 6′ inch wand w’ what looks like most of a ball on the top that has bristles (in which the chips & other objects r hidden…the 2nd part look like a tongue depressor & when used 2gother they look like tongs…both r used 2 insert microchips (as an aspie, i’m more sensitive 2 things, so i felt the chips being implanted)… the tongue depressor put a chip somewhere in/ near my throat & the wand in2 my frontal lobe/4head – it actually went as far as up to the base of the brain, where it traveled 2 my 4head (there r articles of people who’s brain’s actually leaked brain fluid following the tests)…i also felt the vax going into my nose as well…afterwards i got a major headache that lasted a long time & i still get them occassionally & it was rare 4 me 2 even get headaches b4 this – or @ lst as bad & as long lasting…anyway, i finally looked up 2 get info abt the test once i was discharged as a result of what i felt/experienced & that’s when i learned what it was…i know u may not believe these things 2 b the mark so if that’s the case, plz answer hypothetically, otherwise do so normally…now, this is my question — can i still b saved since this was a result of my aspergers & that it was not directly a choice i made, but 1 made 4 me???

    1. Christian,
      As far as recognizing God’s voice I would encourage you to try to hear from him through the Bible. I would discourage you from trying to hear audibly from him or expect him to speak to you through other mediums. Basically, the question I would have for you or anyone else is: are you reading and trying to obey the Bible? While that does not save us, it is an evidence of being saved.

      Also, nobody understands the Bible completely or perfectly. I wouldn’t get too hung up on some of the things that don’t make sense in the Bible. It sounds like you have experienced some difficult things, and it probably affected you mentally. Fortunately, our ability to understand everything, or even most of the Bible, isn’t a requirement for salvation.

      Have you repented of your sins and put your faith in Christ? Do you believe you are a sinner who needs to be saved and that Jesus died in your place and took the punishment your sins deserve? If the answer is yes, then you are saved. You should be confident in what Jesus is done for you, and not in what you have to do.

    2. Hi Kristen,
      What you said moved me very deeply. I can hear your heart through what you’ve said.
      I think you are much closer to Christ than many Christians I know. You have done your best not to be deceived in these last days & our Father already knows that. The enemy has come in through the “back door” so to speak. I believe there will be restitution for those who were tricked.
      Don’t let the enemy steal your joy. Jesus is coming for us soon!!
      See you up there on that great day when we are rescued from this prison planet!

    3. Hi Kristen,
      You were tricked into what happened to you and the Father knows this. Be assured that your salvation is secure.

  16. June 6, 2021

    Dear Mr. S. LaPierre,

    I have some questions. However, I would like to say that I see a lot of truth or simplicity/purity in the gospels you teach. I would like to say thank you for your sermon about “True Salvation/false Christian’s ““”
    I have a question based on two different perspectives that I see in the Christian spectrum (mainly most Christian News Articles and a Christian’s view on the Bible) on salvation through Jesus. There is a large broadcasting channel which I don’t know is valid that can be found at the website: Here is this main sermon on salvation and how to truly acquire it.
    Then there is the another perspective to this article or a website called, and I think I understand this, and here is their sermon on salvation

    Both of these teacher’s seemingly have the same idea of thought, but when I look closer at what they are saying, they seem to contradict each other. I have had many hard experiences in my life that have helped me accept that Jesus is actually God. Most of these experiences are a result of them being “fruits” seen growing in my soul and myself. I personally think that there is something wrong with these “fruits”

    Example: I am having a conversation and remember Chastity/Humbleness and try to be a peaceful person in the conversation then “Lust/Envy” comes in to ruin the conversation. It has gotten to the point where I think I am immoral to an extent far beyond God’s Grace and I don’t want to know. It seems very convincing from a biblical standard.

    So I would finally like to get the correct Biblical Right on how to Truly be saved and the main two belief system I see in these websites are:

    Arminianism, a theology that emerged during the Protestant reformation, tends toward Semi-Pelagianism, although Arminius himself held to the doctrine of total depravity and the need of God’s grace to initiate the human will to turn to God.


    Protestant Theological System of John Calvin and his successors, which develops Luther’s doctrine of justification by faith alone and emphasizes the grace of God and the doctrine of predestination.

    I think one of these is teaching or leads to false teachers, false christians and the second death. I see that has more Arminianism traits in it but holds the main message of Faith in Calvinism. Also, has the same problem that I see and have been fooled (I think) in the past by Allen Parr “” being a false teacher. I still can not tell which is correct, so I would like your guidance on this matter.

    Jared Ross

    1. Jared,
      I’m sorry, but I’m not familiar with the broadcasting channel, so I can’t comment on it. But I am very familiar with and I’m a huge fan of their work. I link to them in many of my posts and have used much of their material when studying for sermons.

      I listened to their video you linked to, and I agree with it. Personally, I might have stressed repentance a little more.

      I am familiar with Arminianism, and I reject it. I don’t think of as an Arminian site. In fact, this is what they said when discussing Arminianism: “Four-point Calvinism (the official position of Got Questions Ministries) finds the other four points of Arminianism to be unbiblical, to varying degrees.”

      I tend to shy away from labels, because sometimes they communicate things that I don’t believe. For example, even though I lean more toward Calvinism, I don’t believe in double predestination (that God predestines people to heaven AND hell). Yet some people might think that if I say that I’m Calvinist.

      Generally, I try to acknowledge the two truths that I think are made abundantly clear in Scripture: God is sovereign and man is a free moral agent. Although these seem mutually exclusive, because they’re both presented in Scripture, I believe and teach both.

      I’m not sure that I answered your question, but if not, feel free to follow back up and I’ll respond further.

      1. Hello Pastor,
        I’m an elder and a youth minister and was looking for a material (questionnaires) for a testing session for our church youth since I’m teaching them at Sunday school and happened to come across this your article and ended up digging your background with the back of my head hoping and saying, “Please be a Calvinist. Please be a Calvinist”. I’m glad I found this, and I would like to ask your permission if I can use this? Thanks. Also, I’m in a church that has a female pastor and our denomination (The United Church of Christ) believes in universal salvation. Any thoughts on these and advice for me as well whether I brace or flee? Thank you, Pastor Scott.

        1. Maxwell,
          Yes, you are welcome to use my material. Thank you for asking.

          If you are in a church that has a female pastor and/or a denomination that believes in universal salvation, I would encourage you to leave them both. Generally, I encourage people to stay in their church, work things out, and strive to be an instrument of change. But we are talking about two key issues that are deal breakers.

    2. Alright then this will answer my question on salvation,

      Is repentance

      Fighting a certain sin your entire life(From actually doing it)


      Stop doing one certain action or sin entirely(And how would you do this)

      1. Jared,
        Good question. I would say the first. Repentance is fighting a certain sin, and we might fight it our entire life. The end of Romans 7, where Paul talks about doing what he doesn’t want to do and not doing what he wants to do is the safe haven for all believers as we struggle against sin and temptation. As we struggle against temptation we feel like Paul does in these verses. There are great encouragement to all believers in this battle against sin.
        Considering Jesus struggled against temptation in a way we can’t even imagine tells us there’s nothing wrong with having to resist temptation. In other words, it’s not a sign of spiritual maturity (or immaturity) to be tempted. In fact, as we mature and become more sensitive to temptation and sin the struggle against it can seem to become even more intense.

  17. Hello,

    So I am trying to apply the tests to myself but I am not sure. I have believed in Christ and repented to the best of my ability.

    1. I believe I have experienced Godly sorrow but I am not sure. Like sin bothers me. Part of me is mad that I sinned against God but another part of me just doesn’t wanna go to hell. Or how do i know my sorrow is just not my emotions going out of control because i am usually very hard on myself?

    2. I have had Christian brothers say that they see fruit in me. But i don’t know. People say I am one of the only real Christians they know but I don’t know. I still feel I like I haven’t had a whole lot of fruit produced. I feel I have matured as a believer some but i don’t know

    3. The only major life trials that I have had are my own struggles with assurance of salvation. And when a couple of family members died when i prayed for them to recover but they didn’t. i still have faith in Him. But i don’t know how to approach this test overwise.

    4.I believe i try to live in obedience. I try to live Godly. Avoid sinful stuff. I try to share the Gospel(Not as much as i should.) but I don’t know if I am just passively being nice to people instead of actually loving them.

    5.I don’t practice sin. I try to avoid it. I don’t wanna participate in it. But when I am tempted I fold up and give in like a beach chair, so I don’t know.

    6. There have definitely times in the past I have felt that I have hungered for spiritual stuff but a lot of the time i just wanna be idle. And alot of the time Bible time feels like a chore. Though I do desire to have the deep intimate relationship that I have seen other believers have with God.

    7. I was serious when i believed in Jesus. I do my best to repent. I feel so weak.

    I just have alot of uncertainty. I believe I am saved. Other people say my faith looks genuine even some nonbelievers. But i have so many doubts.

    1. John,
      From what you wrote it sounds like you are a Christian. None of us have evidences of salvation in all of these areas to the extent that we would like; however, it sounds like as you consider these tests, there are definitely areas that evidence your faith and conversion.

      You need to keep in mind that doubt is not the same as unbelief. Doubt is what all believers experience. Unbelief is what unbelievers experience. Every Christian has doubts.

      To be candid with you, I think you might be focusing too much on yourself. I understand this post is about testing ourselves to see if we are saved, but the balance is that we must also remember that we are saved because of what Jesus has done for us, and not because of what we could do for ourselves. Keep looking at Christ and the sacrifice He made for you.

    2. From the day you thought u were saved did you continue to go or be around same people an places ? Have you had sex out of marriage? Is Jesus the first & last thing on ur mind ? Do you willfully sin ? Do you seem like an outcast ? Do people think you as out of touch? Because your life Everything changed in a second!!!!

  18. Hey, it’s me again.
    On March 7th, 2021, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my saviour, or at least I think I did. I’m not sure anymore.
    For about the entire week before then, I had been feeling very convicted and wanted to get my salvation settled once and for all so that Sunday I went to my pastor to talk. He knew he couldn’t tell me anything I already knew, so he went through verses about salvation and the sorts.
    At the end of it, I walked out not very confident that I was saved, but as the minutes got longer I started getting confident that I was saved, although every once and a while I doubted me being saved. Multiple times through the following days I looked at lots of sites that talked about how salvation wasn’t about feeling, it was about the faith.
    I went into a thing where I began what would be the somewhat healthy mindset of knowing and thinking to myself that nothing in my walk with God had to be immediate, it’s a journey that would improve and grow as time went on.
    But now the past two days have been a struggle for me and I really don’t think I’m saved. When I tell myself I’m saved, inside it feels like a lie. Sometimes when I tell myself that I’m not saved, that too feels like a lie, and it keeps switching back and forth.

    I don’t want to go to hell, I want to have a growing relationship with God, and know confidently that I’m saved.
    I’m not sure if it’s pride that’s making me think this way, or if I just don’t actually want God, which is highly unlikely. Do I just not have enough faith? Maybe I’m still scared of what others will think, which I also know doesn’t matter, and I know God can help me with those thoughts.
    There’ve been so many people who have been praying for me, and I don’t want to disappoint them.

    I know God has been working in me, but I don’t know what’s happening with all these switching thoughts and doubts. Right now telling myself that I’m saved seems like a lie, but telling myself that I’m really unsaved also seems like a lie.
    I have a feeling that I’m not really saved and I’m trying to convince myself that I am saved (if that makes sense) I’m not sure if it goes along with any of the above text but I’m really not sure at this point. I know what I have to do to get saved, so what’s stopping me? Why don’t I really waNT to pray about it? I know God can help me, so why can’t I ask for it?

    At this point, there’s some fear of disappointment. I want to live for God, but I don’t know if I really can.
    There’s so many questions, and for some, I already know the answer yet I’m still asking them.

    What should/can I do?

    1. Allie,
      Nice to hear from you again. I am thankful for the work God is doing in your life and that you have become a Christian.

      I do agree with you that salvation is not about feelings but about faith. There are people who feel like they are saved when they are not, and there are time saved people might feel like they are not saved.

      I think you also need to do your best to go by truth and not by feelings. You might feel like you are not saved, but if you have turned from your sins to Christ, and put your faith in him as your Savior, then the Bible says you are saved.

      It is common for the devil to try to cause us to doubt. I don’t want you to think that this is something that only happens with you. Keep reading the Bible and preaching to yourself the truths in it. Read Romans 10:8-10.

      1. Lorraine,
        After doing a quick search on Robert Breaker it says that he runs an online church? There’s no such thing as an online church. The church is the physical gathering of the saints on the earth. It would be better if he Said he ran an online ministry, which looks to be true.

  19. Hello.

    If you are reading this comment, you are probably wondering also if you are saved. I would like to share a recent and ongoing journey that I pray might give you hope. For about 3 years, I was completely torn and flipped inside out about my salvation. I had first trusted Christ when I was only five years old, but along the line, I didn’t take my relationship with God that seriously. When I was in the sixth grade, though, I was convicted to get things right. I took initiative and started once again. I started to pray more often and put down things that I knew were not Christ-honoring.

    That is, until a particular summer a few years ago.

    I don’t know what exactly had started it, but a certain experience concerning my parents and in-laws caused a huge amount of doubts, and what-if’s started knocking at my door. I don’t even remember what exactly was my first doubt, or when it actually happened. I NEVER had had these types of what if’s going through my head, and each of them pounded at my head every single day. My heart started to hammer in ways that it never had before. I didn’t want to ask my parents, because I was afraid that they might label me as “a doubter”. I was the MOST afraid of asking any spiritual leaders (such as pastors) because I was afraid of being condemned. And I especially didn’t want God to know about these thoughts (which He already knew, haha!)

    I had kept all those “what-if’s” about my salvation to myself. I always felt on edge, like at any second I would die and be sent to the place I deserved: hell. I, obviously, saw my sin. It was gross and ugly and I knew I could not go anywhere near God with it. I eventually told my family and we walked through Scripture, but some of those “what-if’s” kept coming back. I cannot recall how many times I had clung on to Christ as my Savior, and how many nights I just sat down in the closet (where I do devotionals) and cried and cried. Soon, I started to look back at my experience as a five-year-old and felt assured, until a piercing thought came upon me.

    “What exactly did you say that day you trusted Christ?”
    I responded, “Well…I don’t know. I think I just said what my pastor’s wife had told me.”
    The voice came back. “What if you didn’t even say anything? What if you didn’t fully understand? What if….what if…what if…”
    I threw my hands in the air with despair, seeing that I could not find any assurance in what I had done as a child, so I decided to trust Christ again.
    The voice came a-knocking. “What IF you didn’t say the right thing? What if you didn’t MEAN it? What if He didn’t HEAR you? WHICH time was it that you were saved?”

    What if, what if, what if.
    I moaned again, not finding assurance in anything that I had said.

    It seemed like everywhere I looked, I could not find assurance of my salvation.
    Not in my five-year-old experience.
    Not in anything I said.
    Not in anything that I felt.
    Not in any date found on the 365 days on the calendar.
    And the list goes on and on, and on.

    I remember one day I was in the shower, I told God that, quote, “I trust you, but I do not want to be anxious any more! Please help me!” Once I had gotten dressed, I was cleaning the library section in our house, and I found a booklet by George Cutting titled “Light For Anxious Souls” (which I recommend!). I read it and gained a bit of understanding, but the light did not click just yet. I couldn’t still find any assurance until I then again stumbled upon a website called which I recommend anyone to go to.

    I had finally found a place to put my faith in and where I could confidently stand. On CHRIST and His WORK for me.
    As I write this, I know, for a sure fact that I am truly, truly, TRULY saved from sin and it’s consequences because of what Christ has done for me and I trust Him. Even though afterward I discovered and believed and trust Jesus’ work for me, I still have those “what-ifs”. I still sometimes have those moments. But when I feel anxious, I always look at the palm of my hands, just as a subtle reminder of what Christ has done for me and WHERE my faith (trust!) should be at. In Him!

    The lesson that I would like to share with you all is that you will not find any assurance if you look at yourself. You will only find confidence if you rest and look unto what Christ has done for us. “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.” Isaiah 45:22. Believe it, cause it’s true! Trust Him, cause He truly saves!

    Even as I write this, I am still learning to lean on Jesus every single day. I still am growing and learning more about the awesome truths of salvation. I still go through the up and downs, but I feel more confident when I look at Christ rather than myself.

    As I end my small paragraph, I will leave you with this illustration that was inspired from a George Cutting booklet.

    Two men were drowning in the depths of the sea. Someone throws them a life preserver into the roaring waters. The first man throws his whole body onto the preserver, while the other man just grabs onto the end of it.

    Now, let me ask you, who is safer? The man whose whole body is on the presever, or the one who simply grabbed it?

    Or, perhaps they are both safe because they are holding onto the preserver?

    There is a Preserver we can reset confidently in. Jesus Christ and His work for us.

    Wheter it is your pinkie or your whole body, throw yourself onto Him.

    Also, thank you Mr. LaPierre for your comments that point people to Christ!

    1. Anna,
      Many people have gotten in trouble for prophesying when Jesus would return. So far all of them have been wrong. During Jesus’s earthly ministry he said he didn’t know the day or hour of his return. That leads me to believe none of us do either. Plus Scripture doesn’t set a date. We are told to look at the seasons though, which means the things happening in our world. I hold a premillennial view of the future, so I believe as things get worse we are getting closer.

  20. I am afraid that I am not saved. I have been watching sermons, praying, reading my Bible, and I worry if my “conviction” is actually conviction or me just feeling bad. I don’t love others as I should and I think my repentance might be worldly. I don’t know what to do. I can’t remember when I was saved and it is not a whole new world for me yet. I don’t know if the Holy Spirit is in me because I don’t have a deep love for other Christians and I don’t have joy right now. I have been doubting Jesus and I am afraid that I committed the unpardonable sin. I don’t feel anything most of the time and my thoughts sometimes tell me I don’t believe but I choose to believe even though I’m doubting. Am I saved or not saved?

    1. Hello Chloe,
      I think you believe you’re unsaved, because you’re looking at yourself too much. For example, you said you think you’re unsaved because you don’t love others as you should and your repentance might be worldly versus godly. The truth is that none of us love others as we should and all of us at times have experienced repentance that is worldly versus godly. Your confidence needs to be in the work of Christ on the cross. Have you repented of your sins and trust in Christ for salvation? Have you put your faith in him? If so, then you are a Christian. While I don’t know you, the conviction you’re experiencing is hard to reconcile with an unbeliever.

      You mentioned the way you feel. We can’t go by our feelings. They come and go, and are up and down. We must go by the truth of scripture.

      You said you were doubting. All believers experience doubt at times. Unbelief is what unbelievers experience, and it doesn’t sound like you’re experiencing that.

    2. It sounds like others all over the world, including me. They call it religious scrupulosity, or religious OCD. I don’t believe that’s what it is personally, I think the people like us who are experiencing this are experiencing something deeply spiritual. The Word says that everything is spiritual, and I don’t find it coincidental that so many of us are experiencing this. We have to get to the bottom of this; I don’t have any answers, but God does. I recommend praising Him, thanking Him, reading the Word, listening to praise music “Your Great Name” By Natalie Grant always lifts the heaviness off of me when I sing my heart out to God. This is spiritual all the way around, we need to determine it’s cause to find the solution.

  21. Hi Scott,
    I’ve been questioning my salvation a lot recently and it has been sparked up by the realization that if I truly loved Jesus, I would follow his commands. I never share the gospel and I am not as loving as I should be. I repent and feel sorrow sometimes but not as much as I should. I know how I should be acting and the will of God based off scripture, but my decisions in my life don’t seem to back up what I know I should be doing. I read my Bible, pray, watch sermons, and have felt moments where I’ve been close to God. Yet, I can’t tell if those times where I was close to God were just an emotional spikes, and not actually love towards Him, because those times didn’t turn into a devotion for Christ. I say that I love Christ and want my life to be centered around Him, but my actions aren’t evidence of that claims. I know that the people around me probably don’t know I am a Christian. I have also been baptized and I thought I was saved then, but I don’t think I had a clear grasp on salvation. Do you think I’m just going through a period of lukewarmness, or am I actually not saved?

    1. Hi Macy,
      Yes, there’s truth that if you love Jesus you’ll obey him since that’s what he said: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15). But the question is, what does it mean to follow his commands? While that sounds pretty self-explanatory, none of us followed his commandments…perfectly. So he cannot mean that as literally as it sounds. Instead, I think it has to do with this: what characterizes your life? And what do you desire to do? Is your life characterized by obedience our disobedience? And do you desire to obey the Lord?

      Another evidence of salvation is conviction of sin, which just from this comment, I can tell you experience. You’re convicted about disobeying his commands, and you’re convicted about not sharing the gospel like you should. To be candid with you, while not trying to minimize your conviction, I will say that I suspect most Christians will confess that they don’t share the gospel as much as they should.

      Spiritual hunger and thirst is another evidence, and you mentioned reading your bible, praying, and watching Sermons.

      I would discourage you from going by your feelings and emotions. You mentioned “emotional spikes.” Unfortunately, that’s what happens with emotions and feelings. They go up and down. Instead, look to the truth of God’s Word.

      Since you asked, my suspicion, based on this comment of yours, is that you’re saved. I can’t imagine an unsaved person writing these things. I’m not even sure it that I would say you’re lukewarm. If the Holy Spirit is trying to do a work in your life and convict you have been lukewarm, I don’t want to shortchange that. With that said, I think you’re experiencing conviction that will produce sanctification. My encouragement would be for you to be confident in your salvation, pray that if you’re not God would reveal that to you, and act on the conviction you’ve received. Look for those opportunities to share the gospel, and consider those commandments you’re not obeying and strive to obey them with God’s help.

    2. I am afraid that I am not saved. I have been watching sermons, praying, reading my Bible, and I worry if my “conviction” is actually conviction or me just feeling bad. I don’t love others as I should and I think my repentance might be worldly. I don’t know what to do. I can’t remember when I was saved and it is not a whole new world for me yet. Am I saved?

  22. im scared that I am not truly saved. I remember when I was a child I was in the middle of a panic attack when I said that I wanted to get baptized. but I cant remember when I was saved, I just remember that I was very young. is that a bad thing? im 16 now and struggling with the CONSTANT fear that I am not truly saved and that when I die and stand before God that He will say, ‘depart from me, I never knew you’. I read my bible on a daily basis now and pray as much as I can. however, when I pray and repent of my sins during prayer, I really feel nothing. nothing lifted off of my chest, God never speaks to me, I just feel like im not saved because of this. because I dont feel anything. I’ve been to a million different websites trying to gain reassurance or something, but nothing is helping me. I ask myself if people around me would know that I am a Christian and I don’t know. I have been recently turning away from sin and trying to do better. some websites worry me more that im not a christian because of the ‘signs’ the authors of the website gives, and some reassure me for a moment then I go right back to worrying about it. im so lost and scared. please help me.

    1. Hello Taylor,
      Thanks for reaching out and for sharing so openly and humbly.

      im scared that I am not truly saved. I remember when I was a child I was in the middle of a panic attack when I said that I wanted to get baptized. but I cant remember when I was saved, I just remember that I was very young. is that a bad thing?

      No, that’s not a bad thing. I think many people can’t say the moment they were saved, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s only something wrong if there’s no evidence of salvation.

      im 16 now and struggling with the CONSTANT fear that I am not truly saved and that when I die and stand before God that He will say, ‘depart from me, I never knew you’.

      I will say that it’s hard for me to believe that someone who feels this way would be unsaved. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and it sounds like you have plenty of that healthy, biblical fear.

      I read my bible on a daily basis now and pray as much as I can. however, when I pray and repent of my sins during prayer, I really feel nothing. nothing lifted off of my chest, God never speaks to me, I just feel like im not saved because of this. because I dont feel anything.

      We shouldn’t be guided by our feelings and emotions, because they come and go and can be deceptive. It’s completely fine that you don’t feel anything. We need to be guided by the truths of Scripture. I believe that when you believe what Scripture says then you will feel the way you want. In other words, then your shame and guilt will be gone. For example, 1 John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Have you confessed your sins? It sounds like you have. Then you must trust that God has been faithful and just and has cleansed you from all unrighteousness. When you believe this, your conscience will be eased and your worry will be gone.

      I’ve been to a million different websites trying to gain reassurance or something, but nothing is helping me. I ask myself if people around me would know that I am a Christian and I don’t know. I have been recently turning away from sin and trying to do better. some websites worry me more that im not a christian because of the ‘signs’ the authors of the website gives, and some reassure me for a moment then I go right back to worrying about it. im so lost and scared. please help me.

      I don’t think the answer is any website, as shown by the number of websites you’ve visited. If a website could give you what you need, you would’ve found it by now. Instead, what you need is to believe the truth of Scripture. Also, I think you might be believing that you’re saved by something you do, such as praying enough, reading the Bible enough, repenting of enough sins, etc, but this is also against Scripture. We’re saved by believing in Jesus, which it sounds like you’ve done.

  23. Hi pastor,
    I’ve also been having severe issues with whether I’m saved or not. Corona virus was a HUGE wake up call for me and I have finally tried to stop being lukewarm. My biggest issue is what everyone will think of me when I return to school, I’m not ashamed of the gospel but I still want friends. I pray for boldness every day but I dont know if I’m changing.
    My biggest fear is that on judgement day Jesus will tell me that he never knew me. This honestly scares me as I dont know which commandments I’m required to keep, I end up wandering into legalism trying to secure my salvation especially with the whole keeping the sabbath etc. Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments so if I unknowingly break one am I doomed to hell for eternity? I also am not baptised which also scares me greatly as I’ve had the opportunity in the past to be baptised but I wasnt ready, now that I am, it may be too late.
    Also, I am sometimes unaware of when I sin, I dont purposefully try and wander into sin anymore but I end up doing things like judging someone without knowing and I dint repent because I dont realise. How do I deal with this?
    I honestly fear God so much and I dont know if I’m wandering on the wide road to destruction. Whilst we aren’t saved by works I haven’t personally done enough according to biblical standards to be called a disciple of Christ and it makes me soo sad.
    How do I know if I have the Holy Spirit I end up relying on my feelings when it comes to faith and I feel like this is my problem. I feel like when it comes to religion it’s more what I’m thinking rather than my feelings 🙁
    I just feel like im not doing this whole christianity thing right, i didnt have a radical experience

    1. Hello M,
      I responded below your statements…

      Hi pastor,
      I’ve also been having severe issues with whether I’m saved or not. Corona virus was a HUGE wake up call for me and I have finally tried to stop being lukewarm.

      I’m glad God has used recent circumstances to get your attention. He does that ?.

      My biggest issue is what everyone will think of me when I return to school, I’m not ashamed of the gospel but I still want friends.

      Interestingly, if you look at Allie’s comment you’ll see she said something similar a few days ago. I’ll tell you the same thing I told her. No you shouldn’t have that fear of your school friends, but it’s understandable. What I’ve often seen is when people are Christians and they want godly friends, God provides them! I’m going to pray God provides you with some friends who are a support to you in your faith.
      I pray for boldness every day but I dont know if I’m changing.

      Regarding boldness, just to let you know I typically think it looks more like being kind, saying no to worldly movies or parties, than it means standing in the middle of a group preaching the Gospel. In other words, be bold with your actions versus your words.

      My biggest fear is that on judgement day Jesus will tell me that he never knew me.

      Ironically the people who do need to have this fear typically don’t, and people who have this fear typically don’t need it because it drives them to salvation. Another way to say it is those who fear God have the least reason to fear God, while those who don’t fear Him have the biggest reason to fear Him.

      This honestly scares me as I dont know which commandments I’m required to keep, I end up wandering into legalism trying to secure my salvation especially with the whole keeping the sabbath etc.

      For salvation there’s only one commandment to obey, and that’s the command to believe: “And this is his commandment, that we believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and love one another, just as he has commanded us” (1 John 3:23).

      Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments

      Yes, that’s true, and Christians do obey Jesus, but not perfectly. If I met someone who had no heart to obey Christ I would doubt the person’s salvation.

      so if I unknowingly break one am I doomed to hell for eternity?

      No. Just because a person sins, it doesn’t mean they’re not a Christian. Read the end of Romans 7 to see the struggle we all have.

      I also am not baptised which also scares me greatly as I’ve had the opportunity in the past to be baptised but I wasnt ready, now that I am, it may be too late.

      You aren’t saved by being baptized and you don’t go to hell for not being baptized. You’re convicted, so now you should be baptized and it’s definitely not too late.

      Also, I am sometimes unaware of when I sin, I dont purposefully try and wander into sin anymore but I end up doing things like judging someone without knowing and I dint repent because I dont realise. How do I deal with this?

      This is the case for all of us. The Old Testament describes unintentional sins. The solution is simple: repent when you’ve learned you’ve sinned. God will faithfully convict you. But don’t have anxiety over potential sins you don’t know you’ve committed.

      I honestly fear God so much and I dont know if I’m wandering on the wide road to destruction.

      If you were on the wide road you probably wouldn’t have this fear of God as the wide road is reserved for those who don’t fear God.

      Whilst we aren’t saved by works I haven’t personally done enough according to biblical standards to be called a disciple of Christ and it makes me soo sad.

      You mean there’s not enough evidence? I appreciate your sensitivity to conviction. Now you can start living for him.

      How do I know if I have the Holy Spirit I end up relying on my feelings when it comes to faith and I feel like this is my problem.

      I would look for changes to your life and interests. You shouldn’t be the same person in a year that you are today, and your interests should change. You should hunger and thirst for the Word and worship, not all the time, but at least sometimes.

      I feel like when it comes to religion it’s more what I’m thinking rather than my feelings 🙁

      We can’t go by our feelings, so this is good!

      I just feel like im not doing this whole christianity thing right, i didnt have a radical experience.

      You’re saying something similar to Allie. Like I told her, it’s not about a radical experience or emotions. It’s about believing in Christ for salvation and then daily following Him.

      If there’s anything else, please let me know. I’d really like to see you receive the answers you desire. I could even get you in contact with a woman to speak and pray with if you’d like.

    2. Hi pastor,
      Thank you very much for your detailed reply! 🙂 it’s given me so much hope, even though I have really bad days sometimes with my faith, I will keep striving to please God in all that I do! Would you please be able to put me in contact with this woman 🙂 once again, thank you pastor!

  24. thank you for replying! for a while now I’ve seen the way to getting saved is too simple to know if you are or not. I’m interested in whoever this person is to talk to, although I have a gut feeling I wouldn’t respond as often/quickly as I would like.

  25. no clue what to write, but I’ll try anyway. I’ve been going to a bible believing church for my entire life (I’m 13). during these last 2-3 weeks of this Corona thing, I’ve been wanting to get saved, but for some reason, I just don’t know HOW, even though I know what to do to get saved. there’s a little bit of fear of changing and getting judged by my school friends, and I know that I shouldn’t have this fear. I can’t feel emotions very well, and when I do its very muted, which kinda sucks for me because I feel like you need to have some sort of special feeling after you get saved, along with when you decide to get saved that I feel like you need to be in unbearable guilt and sadness and the sorts. sometimes I think that it’s too late for me because of all the rejecting I’ve done throughout my life, and that my lack of emotion will not allow the feeling of needing to get saved to be in me. I don’t know what to do in this situation, any advice would be appreciated, my friend told me that the prayer for forgiveness doesn’t need to be long and fancy, but you just need to believe and mean what you say, which is the part I’m finding hard to do the most :\

    1. Hello Allie,
      First, let me say I appreciate your spiritual sensitivity, heart to do what’s right, and desire to be saved. I’m going to copy what you wrote and respond below it…

      no clue what to write, but I’ll try anyway. I’ve been going to a bible believing church for my entire life (I’m 13). during these last 2-3 weeks of this Corona thing, I’ve been wanting to get saved, but for some reason, I just don’t know HOW, even though I know what to do to get saved.

      I think the issue you’re dealing with is found in this statement. The “how” is believing. In John 6:29Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”

      there’s a little bit of fear of changing and getting judged by my school friends, and I know that I shouldn’t have this fear.

      No you shouldn’t have that fear of your school friends, but it’s understandable. What I’ve often seen is when people are Christians and they want godly friends, God provides them! I’m going to pray God provides you with some friends who are a support to you in your faith.

      I can’t feel emotions very well, and when I do its very muted, which kinda sucks for me because I feel like you need to have some sort of special feeling after you get saved,

      This isn’t true, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

      along with when you decide to get saved that I feel like you need to be in unbearable guilt and sadness and the sorts.

      This also isn’t true. Many people are thankful when they’re saved, because they’re forgiven, born-again, and imputed with the very righteousness of Christ. This is cause more for joy than sadness!

      sometimes I think that it’s too late for me because of all the rejecting I’ve done throughout my life, and that my lack of emotion will not allow the feeling of needing to get saved to be in me.

      If it was too late for you, you wouldn’t have sent me this email. I say that, because when it really is too late for people they no longer have the fears and concerns you do. Romans 1 describes God giving people over, and when He does that, they no longer care. That’s definitely not you!

      I don’t know what to do in this situation, any advice would be appreciated, my friend told me that the prayer for forgiveness doesn’t need to be long and fancy, but you just need to believe and mean what you say, which is the part I’m finding hard to do the most :\

      I agree with your friend. Romans 10:9 and 10 says, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.”

      If there’s anything else, please let me know. I’d really like to see you receive the answers you desire. I could even get you in contact with a woman to speak and pray with if you’d like.

  26. Hey Pastor,

    I stumbled across your website and hope you don’t mind but I have some questions.

    I grew up in a Christian home and said the “sinner’s prayer” and did try to serve God but when I became a teenager became very ill and in college walked away from God. I never doubted there was Jesus or what he did but I certaintly didn’t care about what I did because I viewed that God would save me eventually when I repented. I’m not sure if I had a pastor who preached that message or if he preached something similar and my teenage brain completely warped it into what I wanted it to say.

    Throughout the years I have occasionally attended church but could never keep attending due to several issues (I never felt at peace, I was too busy and too mad at the hypocrosy of some christians). During this I would still intermittently proclaim myself a Christian to certain people so I wouldn’t bring shame to my family or myself. I was so far into sin that while I told others that Jesus would forgive them I didn’t truly believe that for myself since I had willingly kept walking in sin and ignored God. For around 5 years I would occasionally go to a new church and tell others that I wasn’t a Christian because there was no mask to keep up and I didn’t want to lie since I wasn’t living that way.

    The reason I mention this is to give you a backstory because COVID has served as a wake up call for me. Over the last month I have come to a point where I realized I couldn’t keep living this way anymore. I believe I repented but I’m not entirely sure because it was more of a mix of fearing the consequences of my actions and also being utterly ashamed of how I treated God. I realize that my sin has separated me from God and that by doing the things I was doing that I was a disgrace to God’s name and the character of God. Since then I have been reading my bible, worshipping, praying and attending church services (online obviously). I still struggle with sins (anger, pride, lying etc) but I have stopped participating in others (swearing, watching pornography, etc.). To be honest I am disgusted by how far I went but I’m not sure if the actual concept of it disgusted me – more like I am upset that I upset God. You mentioned that a sign of being saved is loving God. I don’t know if I love God and I’m not really sure how to tell. What I do know is that I don’t want to live like before and I want to honor what he did for me and glorify him. My concern is that I’m not really saved because I’m not sure I’m not sure I have real repentance or love for God. I saw scriptures that makes me think you can’t come back to God. Like when it talks about in Hebrews about the people who turn away from God who have tasted him and that there is no repentance for them. Also when it talks about how you can’t recrucify Christ. These scriptures really scare me and I feel like I really blew it which makes me ashamed of how much I dishonored God. I guess I’m asking if you think it is too late for me? I thought that I had repented but now I’m not sure because I don’t see fruit and I often love the world, I’m not sure if I’m in fellowship with God, if I hear from God, etc.

    I definitely know that I wasn’t living by almost any of the requirements during that 5 year period but now I’m struggling with if I am living by the requirements now. So even now I question if I am really saved and if my lack of showing these fruits shows that I’m beyond redemption.

    1. Hello Allie,
      You said, “Throughout the years I have occasionally attended church but could never keep attending due to several issues (I never felt at peace, I was too busy and too mad at the hypocrosy of some christians).” I don’t know what you mean about “not having peace,” so I don’t know to respond to that comment, and I don’t know how busy you were, but I’ll say when most people say that they seem able to find time for other things. The hypocrisy of Christians is not an excuse for not attending church.

      You said, “I believe I repented but I’m not entirely sure because it was more of a mix of fearing the consequences of my actions and also being utterly ashamed of how I treated God.” You sound like these aren’t good reasons, to repent, but they sound like good reasons to me.

      You listed sins you still struggle with. Every Christian has sins they struggle with. The question is whether they struggle against them, which it sounds like is the case with you, or give themselves over to them.

      You said you don’t know if you love God. Love is not a feeling. Love is actions and behaviors. We aren’t saved by works, but you can look at your actions as evidence of whether you love God.
      You’re wondering if you have real repentance. Has your life changed. It sounds to me like it has.

      What you’ve written is encouraging to me. While I can’t know if you’re a Christian, the fear and desire you have are hard to reconcile with an unregerate person.

      I can tell you that it’s not too late for you, and you’re not beyond redemption. You wouldn’t feel this way if it was too late. You’d be indifferent and uncaring.

  27. Hi, Scott! I’ve made some progress with my faith, but something happened. My sister’s boyfriend broke up with her via text message, saying he liked a girl first semester, but thought he wouldn’t have a chance, so he went ahead and dated my sister. Now she is devastated, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t have the best relationship with her, but what happened is just wrong. How do I forgive him for that? He had no reason to, and I don’t know if he is sorry.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Nice to hear from you.

      Forgiveness is difficult. Remember that whatever this young man did to your sister pales in comparison to what we’ve done to God, yet He’s still forgiven us; therefore, how much more willing should we be to forgive others? Read the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant in Matthew 18 to fully understand this point.

      Plus, as David said in Psalm 51, we never really sin against anyone else. All of our sin is against God; therefore, the young man didn’t really sin against you or your sister. He sinned against God.

  28. One day I was asking someone for nude pictures, and I said,”One more for the devil.” I haven’t felt right since, and believe that it was blasphemy, and I’m going to hell.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      We’ve all said and done things we regret; things that betrayed and dishonored Christ. That’s not the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is a lifetime rejection of Christ.

      Would you listen to this sermon I preached on the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. It’s called, “What Is and Isn’t Forgiveable.”

      Please let me know your thoughts after you listen. I’ll pray God speaks to you through it.

  29. I can’t attend a gym unfortunately. My parents say I’m too underweight, and I have a texture issue with eating. I pretty much only love chocolate cake, chicken strips, and fries.

    1. Hello Andrew,
      Yes, this is Scott LaPierre. I respond to all the comments on my site.

      You’re going to have to learn to enjoy some other foods, especially nutritious ones, if you want to gain weight and be healthy.

  30. I want to turn my life around. As I’ve stated, I’m 14. I wake up late, and I weigh 80 pounds at 5’. I know this isn’t the place, but is there any way you could help me with gaining weight and being more active?

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Well, interestingly, I used to be really into fitness and bodybuilding.

      The good news about gaining weight is it’s pretty straightforward. You have to eat more calories than you burn. If you eat a certain amount of calories and don’t gain weight, then you need to eat more!

      Would you be able to attend a gym?

  31. I don’t feel anything for others and I want what I shouldn’t. I don’t want God to condemn me, but it’s extremely difficult to follow his commands. However, whenever I think of giving up my faith or giving into evil, I don’t want to.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Consider these verses in Romans 7:15-20:

      15 For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. 16 Now if I do what I do not want, I agree with the law, that it is good. 17 So now it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me. 18 For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out. 19 For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing. 20 Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me.

      These verses don’t justify sin, but they’re the safe haven for every believer to throw themselves into when they’re struggling as you described. I couldn’t help thinking of these verses when reading your sentiments. I hope they encourage you as they encourage me and many others.

    1. Andrew,
      I’m sorry to hear that, but without you giving me more details, I’m not sure how to help?

      I would encourage you to read the Bible, and especially throw yourself into the psalms.

  32. I’m struggling with my faith in the Lord. It is weak, as whenever trials present themselves, I am more inclined to sink in defeat than stand with God.

    1. There’s a difference between unbelief and doubt. Unbelief if what unbelievers experience. Doubt is what every believer experiences, because none of us have a perfect faith. In other words, none of us believe perfectly (without any doubts). In Matthew 17:20 Jesus said:

      For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”[e]

      The point of this verse is that we don’t need a lot of faith. Even a little faith can accomplish much. I hope that can encourage you.

      Also, sinking in defeat versus standing with God is determined by your actions. When you’re experiencing a trial, do you continue to serve God or do you turn from Him?

  33. I do all except for church, as I haven’t been able to due to my parents schedule. However, I was recently informed after Christmas I will start attending. I have been asking for years to go to church.

    1. Hello again,
      You saw in the post that one of the tests is about hungering and thirsting spiritually. The fact that you’ve been praying for years to go to church is a great evidence of salvation.

      I reread your previous comment and I have a question. You said there’s a lack of feeling or empathy. Do you mean toward people or toward your sin? In other words, do you mean you’re not as kind (sympathetic) toward people as you know you should be, or do you mean you don’t feel bad about your sin?

  34. I know you might not see this, but I am struggling. I am fourteen, and I struggle with repeated sin and lack of feeling or empathy. I try to resist sin, but I keep giving into temptation. I also only feel godly sorrow maybe once a week. I really want to be saved, and worship the Lord upon entering Heaven. If you see this, please help. I will reply if you reply. Please, I do not want to burn, and I know the Lord could come from the clouds any day.

    1. Hello Phantom,
      You are correct – as the post says – that Christians don’t engage in habitual, unbroken patterns of sin; therefore, if that’s the case in your life, it is good to be concerned. With that said, from the little I can tell from your message, you do seem to want to be saved. Have you repented of your sins and turned to Christ? Surrender your life to Him and cry out to Him for mercy and deliverance from the temptation you face. Do you read the Word regularly? Do you attend and serve in a biblically-ordered, Gospel-preaching church?

  35. When I read about salvation in the Psalms, it seems obvious when God saves David from his enemies. Why do we have to ask people if they are saved? When did salvation become something that is not plainly seen?

    1. Hello Shira,
      When God saved David, it was from physical enemies. It was easy to see whether he was or wasn’t delivered. Salvation is spiritual. While there is physical evidence (such as fruit and works), it’s still something that takes place inwardly. Plus, there are verses that reveal that unsaved people can look saved. Tares look like wheat. 1 John 2:19 says:

      They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us.

      They looked saved until they went out. It was only them going out that revealed they weren’t saved.

  36. I question my salvation. I feel the Lord has taken away my desire for alcohol drugs and secular music and tv and movies but i continue to smoke cigarretes. I know it is against God and i feel gross about this habit but i still continue to smoke. I feel there is no fruit in my life. I go to church , worship, listen to bott radio every evening. But i dtill feel something is not right. I have prayed on my face about this but still feel unsure. Please help i dont want to burn. Perhaps i havent totally submitted my will???

    Dan Mc

    1. Hi Dan,
      Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing so openly. Just because God has taken away your desire for alcohol, drugs, secular music, and other things you listed doesn’t mean He’s going to take away every struggle. I knew a man with the reverse of your situation: he said God took away his desire to smoke, but he continued to struggle with drunkenness. While some people struggle with lying, gluttony, lust, anger, etc, it seems you’re going to continue to have to struggle against smoking. I wouldn’t let that make you doubt your salvation though; as long as we’re on this side of heaven all of us have different struggles and temptations to resist. The same was true of Jesus (Hebrews 4:15).

      You said, “I feel there is no fruit in my life. I go to church, worship, listen to bott radio every evening.” This is an ironic sentence. You said you feel there’s no fruit in your life…but then you listed fruit in your life!

      Also, you said, “I haven’t totally submitted my will.” Except for Jesus Himself, nobody has ever “totally submitted [their] will.”

      Have you repented of your sins and put your faith in Christ? If the answer to that is yes, then don’t be governed by your feelings; you said you “still feel unsure.” Be governed by the truth of God’s Word. I don’t know, so I couldn’t say whether you are or aren’t saved, but I can say your comment shows many encouraging points about you. Keep crying out to God, both for victory over smoking, and for peace regarding your salvation.

  37. Pastor I have a addiction of cocaine and alcohol but I read the sinners prayer several times and I no there is a God in heaven but its har d for me to get away from the addiction to cocaine please give me some words of encouragement to help me with this

    1. Hello Benjie,
      Saying “The Sinner’s Prayer,” doesn’t save people. There are many people walking around believing they’re saved, simply because they recited some words, but they might end up finding themselves experiencing Matthew 7:21-23:

      “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

      The solution is true brokenness over your sin and genuine repentance. Confess your sin, cry out to God for forgiveness, and beg Him to give you victory in this area. If you truly want to be delivered from your sin, He will deliver you from it. But if you love your sin more than you love Christ, then you will stay addicted.

      I don’t know if this is the encouragement you wanted, but it is the truth, and that’s what you need.

  38. I struggled with terrible doubt for years after I was saved, never able to find peace in my salvation for longer than a few hours before the doubts came back around again. At that time, I was under the influence of people who said that if you doubted your salvation at all, there is a very high chance that you aren’t saved at all. This just destroyed any peace I had left. Eventually, I stopped seeking God out on the topic because I felt like He wasn’t hearing me, and there was no chance of salvation for me. Praise God, my heart was lifted during a church service and I found my way back to Him, but my doubts continued. I spent years searching for some sort of clarity on this, and was unable to find it until this year when I attended a new church and the Pastor seemed to speak right to my heart. How I wish that I could’ve read this post years ago, I know it would have helped me see the light! Thank you for writing this and discussing such an important topic. SO many Christians struggle with this, and it is truly one of the worst struggles to face!

    1. Hi Kalinann,
      Thanks for your humility in sharing all this.

      I’m sorry you received such harsh – and I would say unbiblical – counsel. In a recent sermon I discussed the differences between doubt and unbelief. Here are a few highlights:
      • Unbelievers experience unbelief, but believers experience doubt.
      • Unbelief is an issue of the heart (Hebrews 3:12, Romans 10:9-10), but doubt is an issue of the mind (James 1:6-8).
      • Unbelief is a choice, while doubt often takes place when we’re striving to understand. We believe, but we’re confused by what God is or isn’t doing.

      There’s a great example in Luke 7 when John the Baptist is in prison and he sends messengers to ask Jesus if He’s the Messiah or not. Pretty crazy to think of John – of all people – asking that. He had doubts, but he wasn’t experiencing unbelief. He wasn’t an apostate like Judas.

      Here’s the sermon if you’re interested: Luke 7:20-23 When We Doubt

  39. Good morning Pastor LaPierre,

    Thank you for your post. This is something I question on a daily basis. This question for can be so overwhelming that I actually lose the joy of life. I was raised Pentecostal (which I no longer identify as) I have accepted Christ at least 4,876,229 times (lol) Seriously though, I know I am a sinner, and I ask for forgiveness every day, but I have been caught up in homosexuality all my life (I knew since I was 5 years old…I am now 52) I didn’t choose this, and I ask God everyday to get this sin out of my life, but nothing ever changes.

    20 years ago, I wrote to so many Pastors begging for help. Some responded, most did not. I opened up my life to these Pastors looking for help, a way to escape, but I was told “You literally make God want to vomit every time He thinks of you”, “you are vile and an abomination to God”, “you are one of those unloveables”, “there is no way you are saved” These are just a few. I have been asked to leave a church when I confided in the Pastor…I have a lot of horror stories….and I was asking for help! I have NEVER asked anyone to accept this sin, I only asked for help.

    20 years later….many churches “accept” homosexuality…..I still do not, and yet I am one of them. No matter how the world, or some churches try to twist the word of God to justify homosexuality….Gods Word still holds true to me, and I cannot accept any other interpretation other than God….and that is homosexuality is still a sin!

    Pastor LaPierre, I fail terribly and I have lost this battle. I cry out to God all the time. I have accepted Christ as my Savior, I know His death on the cross is the final payment for ALL sin, and there is NOTHING I can do to earn my salvation. But this sin has defeated me. I have yet to find 1 Church or 1 Christian that will walk through this fire with me…..the Church & Christians just don’t care….they have proven that to me time and time again. I am completely broken. I thought the Church was supposed to be a hospital for the sick…..I thought the bible tells us to confess our faults to each other….I thought the bible taught that we are to gently and humbly leads others to Christ….I just don’t get it. Like I stated earlier, I have accepted Christ at least 4,876,229 times….I just hope one of those times worked…please pray for me

    1. Hi Dan,
      I truly appreciate your humility and transparency. Romans 7 is the safe haven for every believer struggling against sin, and it seems that’s what you’re doing. Reading your comments reminds me of Paul’s words, “Doing what I don’t want to do, and not doing what I want to do.”

      I appreciate that you recognize the sinfulness of homosexuality, and I do too, but I completely disagree with any pastors who made those statements to you. We’re all struggling against different temptations. Yours takes this form, while others – including myself – takes different forms.

      I find your view refreshing and I wish you were closer Dan, so you could be part of our body and we could help shepherd you through this with biblical counseling. You shouldn’t be removed from any church unless you throw yourself in to the sin, which it’s clear you’re not doing.

      Give me a little time to talk to our associate pastor, Doug Connell, who does most of WCC’s counseling. He’s wise and gracious, and I believe he’ll have some resources I can pass along to you.

      I’ll get back to you soon!

      I appreciate you Brother, and I am praying for victory for you over this sin. Know that every true believer finds themselves many times at the end of Romans 7 saying those words. Keep fighting!

      1. Hi Dan; I passed along a few resources that I use when teaching or counseling about this topic; I pray they are a help to you. Feel free to contact me directly, via our church website (my email address is over there) and I would be glad to help you find a like-minded church in your area. There are thousands who believe what we believe and I think we could point you in the right direction to find a local body of Christ that would serve you and where you could serve.

    2. Wow Dan, thank you so much for your humility and in sharing your struggle! I am thankful you commented here and excited about the resources my husband is sending you in the mail! You are not alone. Christ is for you and your desire to live in obedience to Him.

    3. Hi Dan, I just read this and my heart truly broke for you! I hope this past year has been better. You say that you were born with homosexuality, and I believe you. Maybe it’s no different than me telling you that I was born an alcoholic, or someone else having an inclination towards shoplifting. We’re all a mess, not one of us is without sin. I guess i just wanted to tell you that I am hurting and praying for you brother. God bless

      1. Hi Bryan,
        Thank you for encouraging Dan. I agree with what you’re saying that we’re all born with propensities toward certain sins, and for one person it’s anger, jealousy, or lust, while for others it’s lying, homosexuality, or bitterness. Yes, we are all “messes,” in need of the forgiveness of Christ.

    4. Dan I see that this post has been many years ago and I am not sure that you will see this. I want to thank you for your testimony. My teenage stepson identifies as gay. It has been hard on him and us. I believe you when you say you did not choose it as I believe him when he says he did not choose his feelings either. His father and I feel to act on the feelings is sin because we agree with the Bible but his mother’s side of the family is very accepting of everything and encourages everything he does. We don’t agree with him on living out his homosexuality but we accept him as a person but I feel like sometimes his personality is meshed with his sexuality so he feels like we are rejecting him as a person. It is very difficult. I am so sorry that you have been treated harshly. I think a lot of people don’t understand homosexuality because they don’t suffer with it with other sins like gossip, lying, etc. Many are harsh to gay people because many times we Christians feel forced by society to accept something that is against our faith. We lose sight that gay people are struggling people that need grace and support. I think we need to find some middle ground of saying “No, this is wrong” but we love you and will fight by your side–praying for you constantly and loving you regardless. I am here today because I have my own struggles with doubt so I identify with what you are going through but not to the same degree. I struggle with mental illness (OCD) and deal with doubts constantly. I understand that defeated feeling. God does not always remove things from us–for instance your feelings–just like my mental illness. God sometimes gives us these hardships that we are kept humble and will walk by his side. Remember the Apostle Paul and his “thorn in the flesh.” God could completely deliver you from it but he may require the thorn to remain that you will remain humble and walk with him. You may never be free of those feelings just like I may always deal with my illness but I pray that the Lord will give you the will and knowledge to resist temptation. God is not disgusted by you. If you are struggling to do right, He understands and supports you.

      1. Kimberly,
        Thank you verry much for reaching out to Dan to encourage him.

        Also, thank you for sharing your testimony about your son. I’m so sorry, as that sounds terribly difficult. I agree with you that the Christian community can be too harsh toward people struggling with homosexual temptations. You described a good balance in your comment.

        You are correct that God does not remove all of our temptations. The end of Romans 7 is the safe haven for all believers as we struggle against sin on this side of heaven.

  40. “While works don’t save, they are one of the strongest evidences of being saved.”

    Vastly inaccurate. Many people may live good, clean and moral lives.. and just as lost as the devil himself. One cannot look at another and know if or not that person is born-again. Frankly, I am able to tell if a person is saved or not.. or at least have a pretty good idea.. if that person shares w me their doctrines.. what they really believe. If they are not trusting in Jesus Christ ‘alone’.. but, instead trusting in Christ + themselves, works, conduct, etc.. most likely they are not saved. Think about the “Lord Lord” crowd. We must and belief, faith, trust and hope in Christ alone and what HE HAS DONE.. not anything we have done or are doing. He does the saving. ALL of it. The burden of our Salvation is upon Christ.. not ourselves. Once Christ saves the believer.. He then, SEALS the believer for the Day of Redemption. Its a done deal. Thats why it is called “EVERLASTING-Life”.. or “ETERNAL-Life”.. as if it could be lost, its not eternal.. and God would be a liar.

    Per James 2 ‘faith w/o works is dead”.. is not referring to regeneration.. but, about physical salvation. It gives the scenario : if you are accosted by a needy individual.. and you just merely read that person a passage of scripture or two, say a prayer and bid him or her good day… ‘did your faith save that needy person from being anymore hungry or whatever?’ No, it didn’t. However, if you meet the human needs of that person.. your faith + works.. saved. Faith in action.

    Because we already know (or SHOULD know) that we are made born-again (saved) by grace alone, thru faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. NOT OF WORKS. And we also know that the Word of God does not contradict itself (albeit sometimes it may very well SEEM that way).. and since is doesn’t, Paul and James are not butting heads. They are speaking about two different meanings (contexts) of the word “SAVE.” Paul = Salvation by Faith alone.. James = salvation by Faith + Works. Former = Spiritual Salvation.. latter = physical salvation.

    God Bless.

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