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About Scott LaPierre

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site! I’m Scott LaPierre, the teaching pastor of Woodland Christian Church, an author, and a conference speaker. My wife, Katie, and I have ten children whom we homeschool.

Writing and Books

I became a writer when I started pastoring because of the time I spent preaching and teaching. I write out all of my sermons, usually about four thousand words. I review the material with Katie and wake up early on Sunday to pray and reread my notes. Each time I go over my sermon, I refine and polish it, creating a nice manuscript I can use in a book. Because my books come from sermon transcripts, which take twenty to thirty hours of work per week, each book contains hundreds of hours of study in God’s Word.

My Publishing Journey

I began my writing journey as a self-published author. In 2019, I signed with the Blythe Daniel Agency, and in 2020, I signed a multi-book with Harvest House Publishers. These were big moves for me as I went from self-publishing to traditional publishing. After traditional publishing, I realized I liked self-publishing more, so I returned to that approach.

If you’d like to be part of the publishing journey with me, please join my launch team.

Blog and Podcast

My podcast and blog consist of the following:

  • Audio and video recordings of my teaching ministry: conference messages, guest preaching, and sermons at Woodland Christian Church.
  • Blog posts, which are typically excerpts from my books. If you enjoy my blog posts, I believe you’ll enjoy my books too!

Conferences and Speaking

After publishing my first book, I began receiving speaking opportunities. Because I put so much time and energy into my sermons, getting more mileage out of them at speaking events is truly a blessing.

For Katie and I, one of our favorite things to do is travel and put on conferences. We try to give our lives to the Lord’s service. When we go on vacations, they’re usually scheduled around ministry activities. Our kids enjoy running my booth, selling my books, and playing music. I could see a future LaPierre Family band and/or business.

My Wonderful Wife, Katie

My wife, Katie, is my best friend. We grew up together in McArthur, in the mountains of northern California. We went to high school together, but neither was a Christian then. Ten years after graduation, Katie and I reconnected and discovered the other had become a Christian. At the time, Katie was in our hometown while I was teaching in Lemoore, California. Katie moved to be near me and lived with our pre-marital counselors until we married in 2005.

Along with homeschooling our children, Katie is an author and speaker who occasionally accompanies me to speaking events, teaches women, sells her books, and joins me for Q&As. Because of her passion for encouraging mothers, she runs a ministry called Eternally Minded Mamas.

Scott and Katie LaPierre

Tremendous Mother

Occasionally a function takes Katie away and I try to do her job. Whenever that happens, my appreciation and respect for her soars. I constantly ask, “How does she do this so well daily?”

Great Pastor’s Wife

When I was thinking about marrying Katie, I had a good idea I would be a pastor, which meant I needed a woman who could be a pastor’s wife. Before we married, Katie told me she’d been told she should marry a pastor someday.

I couldn’t ask for a better woman to serve the Lord with. She does an excellent job with hospitality and planning ladies’ events and is an asset in counseling. She invests in Woodland Christian Church, and especially in the other women. If I wasn’t a pastor, I feel like the church would miss out on having her as a pastor’s wife.

The LaPierre Children

As of 2024, we have been blessed with ten children that we homeschool.

Left-to-right: back row – Ricky, Scott, George, Katie, Rhea; front row – Johnny, Hudson, Charis, Chloe, Noah, Ruby, Lydia.

Work History

I went through Army ROTC in college and was commissioned as an Armor (Tank) Officer upon graduation. After serving in the Army, I started teaching elementary school and coaching football and wrestling. During my second year of teaching, my brother died of a drug overdose, and soon after that, I became a Christian.

After my conversion, I quickly became passionate about studying and teaching God’s Word. My interest in teaching school decreased, and my desire to pastor increased. A part-time youth pastor position became available at a nearby church, Grace Baptist. They hired me, and when the church grew, they brought me on full-time as an associate pastor. I remained there until coming to Washington in 2010 to be the senior pastor of Woodland Christian Church.


My degrees are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology
  • Master of Arts in Education from Chapman University
  • Master of Arts in Religion: Biblical Studies from Liberty University


I spend most of my time with my home and church families. I love studying and teaching God’s Word. I usually commit the free time I have to reading and writing. Our kids stay busy with church, music, and school.

Let’s Stay in Contact!

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Thank you ahead of time for letting me be part of your life! Please let me know if I can pray for you in any way.

God bless,
Scott LaPierre

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